Fire Planes

A large section of the desert ravaged with living flames. The flames start from the Fyre brush and are not doused by normal water. The only way to put out a living flame is with water from the Moon Rivers, preferably close to the seeing pools themselves. The fire planes are the main home for Tubl, and the tieflings which are some of the only creatures who could survive the severe heat. Similarly, living Flames apparently have a healing aspect of all creatures resistant to normal flames, making the Fire planes perfect for protecting its inhabitants and warding off any enemies.


The hard, cracked earth is unrelenting, and the little vegetation makes the warm browns and harsh oranges and reds blend together on the false horizons. Its large, vast, flat expanses can leave and unfamiliar, lone wanderer feeling small and insignificant while gazing into a bleached sky. Thankfully, the heat is dry and brittle, giving the entire expanse a thin, fragile air despite the thin cloud of dust and ash that comes from the constant burning of the scorched earth.

Fauna & Flora

The only native plant in these planes is the Fyre bush. a plant of living flames that sprouts randomly and without reason. Once sprouted the Bush will not die unless bathed in Waters from the moon rivers. Flames from this bush have healing properties to fire-resistant creatures but can cause devastating damage to those who are not.
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Devils playground
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