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Esmerelda Odon (a.k.a. Witch)

A young woman blessed with magical talent born in a time where not much was found. Esmerelda has been forced into many different things in her life, from Witchcraft to criminality to immortality, until she finally decided to take control of her own destiny and leave the world behind. At least until she found someone that made living worth it.


Esmerelda has always had a scary quality about her, even in her youth. Her brow is almost always bent into a frown, settling the rest of her features into a permanent frown. Without even trying, she can look like the perfect skeptic. Her eyes are dark green, and in darkness they glow, just slightly. Enough to make her look more like a monster than a Woman. Her nose is rather wide and flat, flowing down into full, dark lips shaped into an eternal sneer. 8 dots, 4 above each eyebrow, one for each member of her class that she killed. In white, she has two
fangs tattooed to her lower lip to help push the terrifying image, matching the series of claw and fang like tattoos circling her neck.   Esmerelda prefers long, hand sewn dresses with thick tresses and desaturated, warm colors. She covers herself in jewelry, mainly things she made herself to represent memories. A tooth necklace, a chain of black and purple pearls from a beach in the south, charms and trinkets from different people she's met over the years, all strung on an ever changing bit of leather.


Ever since she was young, She wore her hair in long dreads, only cutting it when necessary. On average, they naturally lay to her waist. When she was young, she would tie it back in a loose, low pony tail. But as she's grown older, she prefers leaving it down and only securing the front parts out of the way with clips, ties, and beads.


In her youth, Esmerelda was a rather social girl, curious and bold in the things that interested her, envigored by learning whatever caught her interest in that moment. As she's grown older, the passion remained, although it became much more of a private affair. She keeps to her own devices, her interests are her own. One of the ways someone could know if sh was starting to care for them is if she invites them into her own endeavors.   Even when she was young, Esmerelda has been a smartass. When presented with authority, she does everything in her power to either prove them worthy of the authority liven to them, or show the world just how incompetent they actually are. In any given circumstance, she is far more likely to challenge someone than go along with their plan. In either way, she typically ends up doing her own thing anyway so it doesn't really matter.   Esmerelda really only cares about herself and the things she deems as her own. It takes much for her to even remotely consider anyone else besides herself, and this instinct only strengthened through her experiences, learning from a young age that if you don't look out for yourself then no one will and that attachments only ever bring pain.   While it may not have been a prominent trait when she was younger, during her years of solitude in prison, Esmerelda learned to appreciate solitude and silence. She is hesitant to speak now, not because she is afraid of what she might say but because she doesn't usually see the point in vocalizing her thoughts so other can know them. If they need to know them, then she'll say something, if not, tough luck.   In the same vein, she has become far more blunt over the years, brutish, some might say, in the way she words things. She sees little need to sugar coat things or make them palatable for others to swallow. This, unfortunately, means she doesn't handle emotions very well. if she had her way, no one would ever talk about their emotions again and just stuff them away in a small box where they can't hurt anyone.   Despite her emotional constipation, Over the years she has gotten surprisingly good at dealing with them well, and as such, well she gives it, her advice is spot on.


Early life


Esmerelda was born to a young couple on Rhoodnit Spynle, 5th of Saphyr, 101. Her mother was a dancer, her father a merchant. Together, they traveled north, stopping in every town along the Iron River before finally making up to Greenwood by Esmerelda's 5th birthday. It was around then, her parents discovered she had a special gift, an innate connection to magic and its physical forms.   However, before anything could be done about getting her the proper schooling, Both her parents fell ill to a mysterious sickness, one the people called the Sickness name here. They died within the week, leaving Esmerelda alone in an unfamiliar city.

Street life

Esmerelda stumbled into a small gang comprised of people with no where else to go. They took her on after a demonstration of her talents, such as street performance and basic Magic, using both her skills and her age to win more money from passer byes, which they split evenly.   Over the next couple years, her skills grew. Her Magic tricks got more complex and impressive, her dancing more entertaining, her pickpocketing smoother. By the time she turned 12, Esmerelda had completely adapted to street life, learning to love the rare moments of joy and find contentment in the minuscule while moving past the hard.

The Royal Greenis Academy


On one random day in spring, Esmerelda preformed one of her tricks for a large crowd in the Elevenheim city square. In the crowd, one of the head teachers of the Royal Greenis Academy noticed her. The teacher, Sybil Ulan, offered a place in her class if Esmerelda wanted it, and Esmerelda accepted.   She started school the next week, moving into the dorms on her first day.


School turned out to be very boring, redundant, and full of idiot, entitled brats that needed to be taken down a peg or 20. A task she happily applied herself too. She shot through the classes, coming out on top with ease every time. The only person she didn't 100% piss off was Sybil who continued to help her advance.

The Room

On the 33rd of Opla, 117, Esmerelda was recruited into The Room. During one of the open tests, she caught the eye of the Ice Queen and she was asked to move into the elite classes. Just like before, she took to them like a duck to water. She quickly became the top in this class as well, even though the competition was much steeper. Here, instead of general dislike from her classmates for no reason other than her birth, her classmates openly despise her and hold her with burning contempt for both her birth and the ease at which she proves herself better than them. However, Sybil, the tacher for the elite class, favors her entirely.

Becoming a Witch

A year later, the class was faced with a final test of sorts, to see if they could continue with their studies. They each were tasked with completing a Time Pulling spell, one of the hardest spells known at the time. Each student stepped up and gae it their best attempt, ulitmatly failing to complete the full spell. Most managed to start the spell, but they had little controle and only managed to hold it for a few seconds.   When it came to Esmerelda's turn, she took a different route. Instead of using the incantations, she focused on tuning her magic to the Spells, grabbing the little weave of bright yellow time and literally pulling it manually. Her attempt was a compete sucess, demonstrating control and power the class, students and teachers alike had not seen before. Out of the shadows, a man materialized. He introduced himself as Mahna, and he offered her power and control as long as she agreed to assist him on some personal endevours. She agreed after getting the ok from Sybil Ulan. Thus, she made a deal with a demon, entering the ranks of Witches unwittingly.   The rest of her class received their own demons, though none were as powerful as Mahna, as he loved to boast in the back of her mind.

Graduation Day

She continued to train in The Room with Mahna for the next 2 years until her scheduled graduation. The day finally came, and yet somehting felt wrong. The Queen herself came to the ceremony, as well as every instructor she had ever had, all circling the children. Vials of blood were passed out to them, and they were instructed to drink. Before they could, Esmerelda asked why. The blood was the Ice Queen's and would make them Immortal, able to serve the Queen for the rest of time. Esmerelda refused. Sybil insisted.   Esmerelda refused again, only for Mahna to take over her and force her to drink, laughing as she struggled. Once it was over, he released her, mocking her for her horror. In a fit of rage, she turned on him and killed him, a feat everyone thought impossible. Every other demon in the room was outrage, immeadiatly rushing to avenge their leader only for Esmerelda to kill them too, accidently killing their hosts, the rest of her class and a few of her teachers. Some fled, some fought, yet by the end of the night, Esmerelda alone was left alive.


Esmerelda fled, like any sane person would do, with the strength of the royal guard lapping at her heels. After a few weeks on the run, she was finally caught. Without the aid of Mahna, whom she had grown acustomed too, her Magic was wild and uncontrollable. The Ice Queen was forced to take her to Desshniety and Lucifer, the only person strong enough to hold her. He agreed, building a secret, specialized dungeon in the deepest parts of his castle and throwing her in.


For the next 17 years, Esmerelda languished there, completely and utterly alone. Due to her drinking the blood, she no longer needed food nor water to survive, but her body still went through the agony of hunger pangs and dehydration, dying over and over again only to be revived. The only thing keeping her sane was the constant effort to regain control over her Magic, bringing it back under her will so she might escape one day and bring hell down on those that Imprisoned her.   One day, something changed. The door to her corridor creaked open. Guards, few as she had seen, dragged a prisoner with them, a young man spouting gibberish with wide, fearful eyes, and locked him in a cell close to hers before leaving without a word. The young man cried out, pleaded, and screamed, all in that strange language she didn't understand. She tried to communicate with him, but the language barrier made it impossible, especially with the way he seemed to recoil from her voice. I mean, she was a prisoner down here, who knows what she could have been down here for.   Once a day a guard came to feed him. Otherwise, nothing else changed.   12 meals later, another change came. The sound of a battle clanged above them. Shouting, clashing of steel, screams of pain, the like. The door to their section banged open and 3 young women rushed in, covered in blood and brandishing weapons. They promised freedom. Esmerelda was skeptical. Yet the boy seemed to recognize on of them, finally looking something other than terrified for the first time since he came. They managed to free him before turning to her cell. The leader, a young woman with black and white hair, asked if she was dangerous. Esmerelda replied that she was. The woman asked if she wanted to get out of here. Esmerelda said yes again. The woman asked if she wanted to kill Lucifer. Esmerelda grinned.   They tried, but none of them, not even the girl with brown hair and blue magic, could break her out. Guards came down and fought with them, splitting their attentions. Esmerelda helped where she could, managing to kill one guard before they killed the leader. She told them to leave, forget about her. If they don't leave now, they never will. The leader promises to return and set her free.   She didn't.   For the next 32 years, Esmerelda stayed in her cell, completely and utterly alone.


Malcouf Hook stepped into her cell on chrysoll tuurnaline, 14th of Amthyst, 169 offering to make a deal. Her freedom for a child. An heir. While freedom is tempting, she still warns him this kind of Magic is powerful and with ask for a hefty price. Life is nothing to play around with. He agrees, declaring he would give anything for a suitbl heir to his legacy. She gives in an altered keeper spell, one she learned on her travels for school. As promised, he sets her free.   Imeadiatly, she manages to make her way back to Pangella by hijacking a little boat and hopeing the Abyss will take pity on her. They do, leading her to the exit of the Maze as long as she promises to never return, a promis she makes gladly. They send her through a portal and she ends up on Krekkonian shores in 882.

Heading home

Esmerelda makes her way north, heading for her homeland, the Abhalzh. Only, once she arrived, she found it changed, with Centaurs claiming the land as their own.   She stayed there for a while, learning whatever they had to teach, drinking in the freedom she had been deprived of for over 50 years.   She could not stay forever, however. When she finally decided to leave, she left them with her version of the keeper spell in thanks. Enriched by their teaching, Esmerelda made her way over to The Room, either to find it and destroy it, or take what she can from it's ruins. She did find it's ruins and she stripped it bare of any possible rare magic she could find, recovering even 4 vials of Elemental Blood from her massacre.

Settling down

After gleaning all she could, Esmerelda traveled south once again, finding herself in the Johetza Swamp. There she built herself a little shack far away where no one would ever bother her. There she stayed, tucked away in a house for one.


On one random day in 1383, Esmerelda received a knock on the door. To her surprise, a cop stood there, holding a lanky teen by the arm, asking if he was her son. Having heard some rumors of a boy going around claiming to be her son, she was curious, so she said he was and ushered her into her house, effectively scaring the crap out of the police man in the process.   The boy, Saolman, was understandably skittish at first, threatening her with a knife the moment the cop left. She assuaged his fears, offered a place to stay for the night, and left, hopefully proving herself trustworthy. Since he was still there when she returned, she figured she was right.

Partners in crime

Saolman ended up staying far longer than just one night. He lived with her, disappearing durring the day to do what ever it was that he did, and showing up at night to help her if she wanted it. If ever cops came calling, she claimed she would deal with her "misbehaving son" and that was enough for them, too afraid to press any real charges.   Over time, as their conversations turned personal, yet not unwelcomly so, she revealed that she was Immortal to him. In a fit of thoughtlessness, she offered to share it with him, if he wants, realizing she values his friendship and doesn't want to risk loosing it. To her surprise, he accepts, under the condition he could revoke it at any time.


after 2 years of them living together, Saolman up and disappears one day. A rather stupid looking man going by Lord Flanagan claims to have kidnaped him and will continue to keep him alive as long as she does as he says. She almost kills him right then and there for the audacity, but he reveals he's blood bound himself to Saolman, so whatever happens to him, happens to her precious child.   So, she does as he asks. It's mainly just small things; steal this, magic that. things someone of her skill could do in her sleep. Things someone of a much lesser skill could do without struggle. It became very clear the whole ordeal was more about control and power, the message he was sending to rival bandit crews, than the things she was doing.   3 months of this, and Esmerelda finally grew tired of playing his stupid game. She ripped the spell apart in mid air, shattering hte connection between the two of them, and promptly let out a blast of Magic that obliterated every man in the clearing save herself and Saolman. yes, she commited another mass genocide, something she had promised herself she would never do, but she saved Saolman so her guilt boiled to a minimum.


3 weeks after the whole ordeal, after they've both had ample time to rest and recoup, they mutually decided to make their relationship legal. Esmerelda legally and officially adopted Saolman, making him apart of her family forever and officially declaring him off limits to anyone else who may try to hurt him.   Later, they decide to move to the Forbiden Forest, a place no one knows them and they can start over, assuring at least a couple years before anyone tries to kill them at least.
Current Location
Date of Birth
Rhoodnit Spynle, 5th of Saphyr, 101
Current Residence
A little shack in the wilds of Rasha
Deep set, vivid, dark green
Thick, long, brown dreadlocks
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
earthy brown with a variety of black and white tattoos
Magic level

  • 101

    22 Aekwemarn

    Esmerelda’s Birth
    Life, Birth

    Esmerelda was born in a small gypsy tribe in the west.

  • 106

    16 Rudii

    Life, Relocation

    Esmerelda and her mother moved up to Greenwood to look for a better future.

  • 108

    18 Cityne

    Mother’s death
    Life, Death

    Esmerelda’s mother died of a mystery disease. This means she has to live on her own, on the streets, preforming magic tricks and dances for money.

  • 113

    13 Guuld

    Attending The Room
    Life, Education

    Esmerelda caught the attention of The Room. They recruited her into their classes, putting her on the lowest rung at first. But she excelled. Her talent and her “unpure” blood made her the ridicule of her fellow peers, but she ignored their comments and their sneers.

  • 117

    33 Opla

    Entering the Elite
    Life, Education

    After 4 years, Esmerelda has excelled as much as she possibly can. During the public tests, she caught the eye of the Ice Queen and was offered a place in the Elite classes, reserved only for the best of the best, if she can perform a certain spell. Esmerelda agrees to try.

  • 118

    18 Cityne

    Becoming a Witch
    Life, Career

    After successfully performing the Time Pulling spell on her own, much to everyone’s surprise, her teachers offer her a partnership with Mahna , a powerful demon. By accepting their offer, she accepts the mantel of Witch, a demonic conduit. With her new title and partner, she progressed even further in her studies, shooting to the top of the class almost instantly.

    The Room
  • 120

    8 Aekwemarn

    Graduation Day
    Life, Crime

    On graduation day, when she and her entire elite class were to officially take on the mental of the queen's witches, something didn't feel right to Esmerelda. The Ceremony began and her instructors handed out small viles of Elemental blood, claiming it would make them immortal, able to serve the Queen unquestioning for the rest of time. Esmerelda refused, never having wanted to live forever. Mahna then took control of her arm, forcing her to drink it while laughing at her struggle. She fought, but the damage was done. In a fit of rage, she turned on Mahna and killed him, something people thought was impossible. When the other Demons came at her seeking vengeance, she killed them too, and consequently their witches. By the end of the night, she was the only one left alive. So she ran. She ran as fast as she could.

  • 120

    34 Guuld

    Life, Relocation

    After running for months, Esmerelda was finally caught. Without the aid of Mahna her magic was wild and uncontrollable, both by her and any who wished to imprison her. The Ice Queen was forced to take her to Lucifer because his power was the only thing that could contain her. he agreed to hold her, building a special cell in the deepest part of his dungeon.

  • 120

    2 Paerl

    35 Aekwemarn

    Life, Trauma/ Loss

    Esmerelda stayed in that cell with no contact to anyone far longer than she should have. She would have gone mad if she didn't force herself to focus on gaining back control over her magic, as well as developing and strengthening it in the hopes she may one day escape from this Hellhole. Due to the blood she was forced to drink, she no longer felt the pangs of hunger or thirst, nor the ache of growing older.

  • 137

    1 Diamon

    Life, Achievement/ Win

    After hearing a battle rage on above her head, the banging and shouting inside the prison wasn't really that surprising. What was surprising, however, was when they came to her section, one with only her and another who couldn't speak common. There were 3 of them, all teenage girls, all completely out of their depths. It only took a moment before they were attempting to break the locks on both cells, getting the boys rather quickly. Hers... not so much. Esmerelda knew they couldn't get her out, so she told them to leave. The leader, a Girl with black and white hair, promised to come back for her before they fled the castle. A lovely thought, but one that Esmerelda knew would never come true.

  • 137

    2 Diamon

    23 Diamon

    Alone again
    Life, Trauma/ Loss

    The girl never did come back for her. Esmerelda stayed in that cell, forgotten, for what felt like forever.

  • 169

    23 Diamon

    Malcouf wants to make a deal
    Life, Relocation

    Finally, after being alone for so long, a visitor arrived. Malcouf Hook, the current kind of Desshniety. he comes wanting to make a deal. Her freedom for a son. She warns him this magic is powerful and could ask for a very hefty price in return and he agreed to pay whatever it asked for. She gives him a changed keeper spell, one that would suit his needs. As promised, he sets her free.

  • 169

    25 Diamon

    12 Guuld

    Back to mainland
    Life, Relocation

    Esmerelda set out for the mainland as quickly as she could. She stole a little one-man boat and sailed into the Maze. Like they always did, the Abyss questioned her reason for passing. She explained that all she wanted to do was go home, to leave whatever life she had behind her, and just live in peace for the rest of her days. They accepted the answer and showed her the way through, sending her through a Portal to 882.

  • 882

    3 Rudii

    Heading Home
    Life, Relocation

    Esmerelda traveled north, hardly paying any of the strange changes any mind. Her goal was to go to her homeland in Abhalzh . But when she arrived, she found it changed, filled with Centaurs and no record of her people. She stayed, however, taken in by a clan devoted to potions and astronomy. From them, she learned much of how the world had changed while she was gone. in return for their generosity she taught them her version of the keeper spell.

  • 898

    25 Peryot

    Returning to the Room
    Life, Relocation

    after spending a good amount of time with the Centaurs, Esmerelda finally decides its time to move on, go her own way, confront her past. So, after packing up her life, she continues north, heading towards The Room. however, when she arrives, she finds it a ruin, an old one. She wanders it, reliving memories and gathering ingredients that she could use later in her life.

  • 898

    19 Saphyr

    Settling in a new home.
    Life, Relocation

    After gleaning everything she could from The Room, she traveled south again, across the Nuoj Desert, into the Johetza Swamp. finding it a wonderful place to settle down where no one would ever bother her, she built a little shack. Out of the way, unassuming, made to her liking, built for one. Perfect.

  • 1383

    7 Aekwemarn

    Meeting Saolman
    Life, Relationship change

    After a startling amount of time being alone, letting the legend of her existance get blow immeasurably out of proportion, Esmerelda was startled to hear someone knocking on her door. She was even more startled to find a Cop holding the arm of a skinny, strange looking boy, asking if he was her child. To everyone’s surprise, she answered yes, pulling the boy into her home and into her life. His name is Saolman and on that day, they became partners in crime.

    Johetza Swamp
  • 1383

    32 Peryot

    A temporary binding
    Life, Achievement/ Win

    After having been working together for a while, both Saolman and Esmerelda grew closer. She offered to temporarily bind his life to hers, belaying his growth in tie for as long as he wanted. It wouldn’t make him immortal, just... lengthened. He accepted with a smile,

  • 1385

    2 Paerl

    Saolman Gone
    Life, Failure / Mishap

    After 2 years of living together, Saolman disappears without a trace. A local warlord, Lord Flanagan, took him to make Esmerelda do as he says, and he blood bound them together so whatever happens to Flanagan happens to Saolman. Since she cannot do anything without hurting Saolman, she complied.

  • 1385

    6 Opla

    Saving Saolman
    Life, Crime

    After being forced to do what ever Flanagan wanted, Esmerelda risks a dangerous spell that could kill both Flanagan and Saolman, or could save her partner from a long, painful, grueling death. On the rare moments she does see them, she splits the magic binding them. When they are disconected, she promptly goes to dispatch Flanagan before Saolman stops her, begging mercy. She and saolman then go home, leaving Flanagan and his crew to the swamp.

  • 1385

    29 Opla

    Becoming family
    Life, Relationship change

    After being apart for so long, both realize that they love each other as a family. So Esmerelda officially adopts Saolman, giving both of them the one thing they hadn’t had in a long time: someone to truly count on.

  • 1386

    15 Gaaret

    Moving to The Forbidden Forest
    Life, Relocation

    Esmerelda and Saolman decide to move East to the Forbiden Forest, far enough away for anyone who may know them and their reputations.

  • 1406

    27 Saphyr

    The Night of the Break in
    Life, Identity

    On this night, when Saolman went off to do his own thing for a bit, Esmerelda came home to find their house broken into by a girl with black scales and a boy with wings. She warned them to leave but the girl was stubborn and threatened Esmerelda. So she moved to rip Aneera’s heart out but Jack stepped in the way, sacrificing his own life for her’s. Esmerelda then promises Aneera to bring him back in 3 days.

    Additional timelines


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