Ealdora sits in what is considered the center of the world- or at least the continent of Pangella. It is known for being a cultural melting pot, being an intersection point of Ideas, thoughts, and histories. Here, all things are possible, all things are explored, and all things are available if you know just where to look.
Born out of the whispers of war and the chaos of a global resume falling, Ealdora strived for answers in a time of complete confusion. This drive for answers has led them not only to be one of the worlds leading scientific states but has also pushed them to be some of the first to marry science and Magic to work towards the same goal, rivaled only by Helda and Thunderin.   When people come to Ealdora, they expect to find a place teeming with like minded people dead set of discovering the truth they are seeking, but they stay for the intense and complex ever growing history buried in the darker parts of the city.

The People

Typically, the people are rather welcoming, through they can be considered a bit eccentric if you aren’t used to driven intellectuals that have access to a thriving community that spurs them on without limits besides material ones. Due to their appreciation of intellect, Ealdorians are much more likely to look past a difficult disposition as long as there is some skill or asset to back it up. More often than not they can get lost in their heads till they forget others exist. Emerging from this state is always a shock and can result in some irritation, but for the most part they are generally kind.


As stated before, Ealdora acts like a Cultural hub of sorts, bringing in all sorts of creatures and peoples from all sorts of places to gather and develop their unique ideas. In the whole country there is about 130 million people living within it’s borders, the majority of which live inside the several large cities.

In The Cities

The cities are typically teeming with all sorts of people, being the melting pots Ealdora is so well known for. Much of the population is held in the few major cities, Malgorn being the largest and arguably the most chaotic. Here you can find anything from Dragonborn neighborhoods, to Arachne and even the occasional Triton family in the cities nearest to the Crystal Lake. On average, Humans and Dragonborn are the most common, though there are large Halfling and even varyingBeastFolk communities.   The only people groups you would be hard pressed to find within a cities walls, unsurprisingly, are any of the Ruo. There are many reasons for this, from the dependency on time keeping to Ealdorian cities love of towering up and therefor building a lot of stairs. The most reasonable answer is the typical lack of space available for larger bodies in Ealdorian city homes.
The Elvish Surplus Myth
People tend to think there is a surplus of elves in living within all the major cities, but this is not true. In fact, on average only a few elven families have settled in the country for any long period of time. However, these few families happen to have been very rich and, in an effort to earn some good will with the locals, assumed patronage over several budding investors and reasurchers. This, combined with the fact that Elves typically have a longer lifespan than most other denizens of Ealdora and the East, caused their reputations to skyrocket and their infamy to come attached to each and every export, creating the idea of a large elvish presence.
  Iknuu, while matching the culture of Ealdora very well, are also not typically found this far inland. There is no known reason for this since most southern nations have reistablished their connections with the mainland in the last 300 years and one would assume their intellectually tunes minds would jump upon the chance to interact with other driven individuals. The most one could expect to see of any Iknuu is through a traveling group, either trade or a Cartographers Caravan.

In the Country

Things are much more relaxed out in the country which attracts a whole different sort of crowd. In the smaller cities and villages you can find more beastkind than in the cities, ranging from Brikpūkne, Kumiho, or even Orcs in smaller communities. There is a larger chance of stumbling across pockets of Ruo, specifically Satyrs and Centaurs.


Typically, calling someone Ealdorian is about as descriptive as calling them an Elf or Ruo. A general category but not very descriptive. Yet there are a few things that firmly define their culture from those that surround them.

Longing for More

The Longing for more, the longing for answers is a central part of Ealdorian
culture, being one of the main points the nation was built on back in its early days. The people are always looking for answers, looking for new solutions to old problems that have not been discovered yet. Over the whole nation, this is what unites the people.

Scrappy Independence

In addition to their unwavering curiosity, Ealdorians are fircely independent. From the moment they can, they are heading out into the world to try and fix things their own way. They strive carve a place out in for themselves in history with everything they do, some even scoffing at the idea of partnership in their youthful yearnings. Besides Calgerians, Ealdorians are the most likely to deny the offer of help in pursuit of figuring it out themselves to prove their capability.    


Ealdora runs on a diplomatic representative system. Typically there are 9 members on the High Council though this number can fluctuate depending on a number of different factors such as population concentrations and eligible candidates. In the past there have been up to 15 Counscil members at once during Ealdora’s prominent discovery period. These representatives are chosen and elected by popular vote in each district for their academic prowess, problem solving capabilities, and ingenuity once every 10 years.

Once on the council, they are tasked with delegating and implementing new ways to help the nation flourish through deliberation, their own experiences, and listening to the people. Open votes are often held throughout the country, though they are not anonymous. While everyone gets a vote, those with more academic renown are more heavily considered by the council in their decision making.

Each high Council member is also then tasked with running their own council inside their jurisdiction, usually based inside a large city. These smaller councils are run privately according to the restrictions laid out durring the initial devisions of power and are often mimicries of the high council. Governing areas are split up after each new vote to determine what a Council member can maintain while still having time and mental fortitude to continue their own personal studies.

Early Dismissal

It is possible for a High Council member to be dismissed before their 10 years are up, though this is very rare. This can only be done in cases of extreme disregard for wither the high council and what it stands for or the laws of the land and can only be finalized by a unanimous vote from the rest of the council. This process often takes several weeks during which the Member in question is confined to their own quarters with no outside contact including their family, household, and business partners.


Ealdorian Military simply goes by The Malisha. This Malisha reports directly to The High Counsel and is tasked with keeping the peace from both internal and external threats.  

Internal Threats

There are always conflicts and scuffles to be found within a nation, from bandits to domestic disturbances to huge conspiracies.
There are Malisha stations in each and every city, including smaller outposts posted in each town and village. The goal in the placements is that, no matter where someone lives, they are within 30 minutes horse ride from an outpost if help is needed even if they live out in the country. Within villages and cities, its supposed to be a 5-10 minute run depending on the runner.  

External Threats

Along the Ealdorian borders there are several reinforced outposts tasked with defending the nation from possible threats, from invaders to assassins and spies or even the whispers of war, if it were to come. While there are few threats currently, over the years this first wave of Malisha have been instrumental in keeping Ealdora from falling to its enemies. Being posted along the border, while extremely boring at times, is a great honor.  

Foreign relations

On average, Ealdora has maintained good relationships with most all the nations they have contact with. Especially in the east, most nations are reluctant to try and break the peace that has formed, resulting in a series of tentative peace treaties and trade agreements. Due to its position, Ealdora soon became to hub point of eastern international trade and communication.  
  When branching out from the east, national relationships become a bit more strained due to lack of contact, distance, and cultural disconnect. Ealdora has little relationship with much of the southern Islands, and what little communication does exist is through Endmane and WaterHorse   To the west, interaction is carried along with the other Crop Coalition communications, centering mainly on produce trade and individual sales pitches to draw in outsiders. Ealdora does have a healthy respect for western thinking due to its focus on Magic and its uses instead of technology and many of the council members have private correspondence with other intellectual leaders from across the Nott Ridge.

The Exception

There are 3 nations that Ealdora has developed a deep sense of mistrust that has festered into either obvious or thinly hidden hate over their history: Hutor, Gra Uje, and Roan. Their relationship with Gra Uje is justified due to the ever growing border tensions. Even their one sided, political war with Roan is understandable if a bit strange. The real strange relationship is their heated feud with Hutor. Though the 2 of them have never had any interaction in all the years they have existed, the two have an unbridled, burning hated for the other that has no obvious explanation for its severity  
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They have a good relationship based on mutual appreciation of technology and invention


WaterHorse and Ealdora have been longstanding friends


Ealdora and Appaloosa are partners in the Crop Coalition

Non-aggression pact


Ealdora does most of its western trade though Endmane, increasing the economy in both countries. This fosters good will between the both of them.



Trade agreement

Ealdora likes the idea of Rundune, though has very little interaction with them. Rundune, however, has been greatly influenced by the steady stream of pirates along their borders so they naturally dislike Ealdora with little reason too.



Trade agreement

Trade Agreement

Paop Wah depends on Ealdorian trade and produce, and in return Ealdora receives Paopian metals

Non-aggression Pact

Rasha and Ealdora have hated each other for a very long time but remain reluctantly at peace due to not wanting to start another war.

Trade Agreement

They don’t particularly like each other but are too far away for it to matter.

*the diplomatic equivalent of a hard side eye*

Ealdora hates Roan because, more often than not, the Roinian steal their ideas and take all the credit. They see them as lazy thieves who profit on other peoples ideas.   Roan on the other hand, does not care about Ealdora at all. They have no clue about the hidden Ealdora harbors towards them.


Ealdora hates Calgery so Calgery hates them back out of principal

non aggression pact

Gra Uje
Gra Uje constantly attacks their border, slowly expanding inch by inch and Ealdora is too afraid of their battle prowess to do anything about it.

Extremely Hostile

They hate each other for no valid reason. The only reason they aren’t at war is due to their distance.


What follows is a brief recounting of Ealdorian history, displaying the eye and monumental moments that made a scraggly band of inventors Ealdora. Attached also is a more detailed and ever growing timeline. There are several books written about Ealdorian history as well, going into more depth of specific events. As they are documented they will be attached below.  


After the fall of The Frozen Empire people fled south in terror and confusion during The Thawed Migration , looking for some safe haven amidst the chaos. In the rush, several families and groups stopped to make camp near the base of the Golden Mountains southern face, seeking refuge with the small towns and villages that were already built there. The locals were kind, offering food and a warm place to stay.   This delay, however, cost them dearly. While they were resting, a new threat was begging in to form along the southern coasts, intercepting and detaining any people seeking passage south and, if they had magic or any ties to those who had magic, putting them on trial for the Ice Queens crimes. Between the fear of the north and the new fear of the south, the traveling group asked if they may remain where they were, safely nestled in the base of the Golden Mountain. They formed 8 groups, based in camps surrounding Malgorn, the largest local city.

  • 598

    Founding of Ealdora

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  • 784

    19 Rudii

    Malgorn declared capital of Ealdora
    Cultural event

    The day Malgorn was officially declared Ealdora’s capital city.

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