Among the people of Mapkeep, being a cartographer is an esteemed position almost nobody wants. The few that do want it and even fewer who take the position are bother ostracized and revered, a confusing mix of respect and fear. 

Cartographers are sent out into the world on their own for years at a time, tasked with documenting the topography, geography, and civilizations in excruciating detail. Cartographers are generally different from the other people of Mapkeep, being more adventurous and sporadic than the average citizen. This, combined with dedication, attention to detail, and a wanderlust to match most Air Genasi, is what causes these people to be selected for the job.



All Cartographers are required to have at least 2 years working on The Map to fully understand the importance of the work, as well as to identify those that are truly itching to do more but still respect and care for The Map
Cartographers must also be proficient in art skills, able to accurately draw landscapes, animals, plants, architecture, and occasionally people in proportionate realism.

Payment & Reimbursement

Cartographers paid yearly, given enough recourses and good will from other nations and the other citizens of Mapkeep to last them the year.

Other Benefits

Most Cartographers are honored greatly in Mapkeep and they are well respected in most other nations besides the more hostile places. Cartographers are welcomed with the same respect and privileges as ambassadors.



Cartographers bring back accurate, up to date descriptions of the world so the Crafter and Maintainer can accurately make it on The Map.

Social Status

Their status is a confusing subject. While they are highly respected, most are slightly off put by their adventurous nature. This makes for an interesting mix of respect and ostracization. In the end, Most Cartographers stay isolated from the general public when back in Mapkeep, only interacting with other cartographers or with the Crafters, some of the only people who aren't thrown by their need to see more.


Very few people are Cartographers at a time, the number usually staying around 20-30 at a time for the whole of Mapkeep.



All cartographers are given a large, durable journal, a set of pens, charcoals, and multicolored inks, and a large satchel to store all their tools and gathered supplies over their travels.


Cartographers work on the move, often sitting down in the middle of the forest or on top of a mountain or even in a crowded plaza to document what they see.

Provided Services

While on the move, many cartographers offer their map making capabilities to others who require it for coin when they are running low. They also are known to sell their other artistic to those who can pay while on move.

Dangers & Hazards

When traveling, there is always a chance of getting lost, or attacked, or robbed. The general threat of life always exists as well, both getting hurt and finding you desire a different sort of life than the one you have. This is very dangerous.
Research / Scientific
Cartographers are not only legal but incredibly respected in other nations.
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