Calthris Deep

A deep lake in Gra Uje. This is the home of several endangered aquatic species that live off of flesh, much like piranhas. This makes it the ideal location for Diomettees and the Zchecu to dispose of dead bodies and unwanted survivors of their raids.


A large lake with murky, grey waters that hold a sinister and dangerous world beneath them. The lake is deep enough to pass through The Underground and touch on The Underdark. Underground rivers stretch as far out to the Abyss. The shore surrounding it are black sand that has the faint smell of iron and salt.

Fauna & Flora

Many carnivorous aquatic creatures and the occasional Abyss trying to get some peace and quiet. The shores and shallow waters are full of long, slimy, grew seaweed that has a nasty habit of feeling like fingers wrapping around your leg.
Alternative Name(s)
Belly of the underworld
Owning Organization


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