Calfery Canyon

The Calfery Canyon is a Huge canyon in the middle of the Fire Planes. Unlike the rest of the Fire Planes, Living fire has a hard time growing in the basin of the canyon. Because of this, many of the cities in Tubl have nestled themselves in the safty of its depths. Calfery CAnyon is also one of the worlds largest coal, sulfur, and other various metal deposits, one of which being the elustrious Calfery, a green mineral that works well as a dye and magic preventive agent in households and other spells.


Rocky, flat plateaus that fall off into deep chasms. Flames scorched the Ground, leaving it charred and black.

Natural Resources

Coal, Iron, and gold are the main Resources though the mines are known to produce some diamonds and other precious gems, as well as Calfery
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