The Brilens are the border between The Outlands and Greenwood. Besides the lonely, Golden Mountain, The brilens are easily some of the tallest mountains on Pangella. Other than their height, there is nothing particularly noteworthy about these mountains. they are covered in snow, gigantic trees, and have the largest population of Null Owls. Other than that, they are only good at separating Greenwood from everyone else, much to everyone's pleasure.


The top half of the mountains are completely coated in ice and snow, up to 20ft deep. The lower half of the mountains are sleek, smooth rock with just enough soil for huge Pine trees to take root and grow thickly. riddled all over these mountains are shallow caves, wonderful for creatures to get out of the wind sheer for a day or two.

Fauna & Flora

A large population of Null Owls, Cyotees, snowy owls, bears, and other mountain beasts and creatures. As for Flora, The main one is large Pine trees.


for the longest time, The Brilens were used as a last defense measure against every other race. They were used by the original Elves, then by The Frozen Empire, and now by Greenwood.


People either come to the Brilens to Attempt to reach the top of the mountains or to find a place to see the Miteba Lights dance over Abhalzh and the The Outlands. For some unknown reason, these lights don't shine over Greenwood.
Alternative Name(s)
The Rainbow Peaks
Mountain Range
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