Air elemental Aria

Aria, the Air Elemental, is the youngest of her sisters but by far the most powerful. She breathed life into their creations and connected them all with her souls. Aria is gentle and kind, though also incredibly lonely. unlike her sisters, Aria could never have a child, cursed by god himself. Her power was to great to be placed in the hands of a mortal. Over the centuries, Aria began to fall into a deep depression, causeing storms, tornadoes, and other deadly disasters to revenge the upper world. Creatures fled under the earths surface while the other Elementals gathered together to figure out a way to save their creations. With the combination of their magic and a deal made with the devil, they managed to give Aria the thing she desired most, an opportunity to gain a child. She calmed, passively waiting for the perfect opportunity to claim what’s hers.

Divine Domains

Air, wind, purity, love, kindness, breath

Holy Books & Codes

Unlike her sisters, she hs no holy book anywhere over the lands. If she speaks to any at all, it is only in simple whispers over the wind that encourage patience and acceptance or sympathy for their current predicament.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

art by @Avalon_Sketches

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Before time existed, George created the 5 elementals, Flow, Flora, Fauna, Frost, and Aria. As her sisters became curious in their Fathers work, they each began disappearing to follow in his footsteps but their creations lacked any life. Overcome with curiosity, Aria went out to explore their creations and her heart broke for them. She claimed to the to the top of The Golden Mountain and gathered her strength to use the gift she had been given for the first time. With a gentle push, she breathed life into the world around her to the joy of herself and her sisters. From the top of this mountain she watched as the world grew and changed around her, content in her life. But as she watched families form and grow, watched mothers care for their sleeping children and lead them down a path to a happy, wonderful life, she began to long for what she knew she couldn’t have. She was able to live with her pain for a while, at least until She noticed the people coming to Flora, calling her Mother Earth, or the creatures of magic going to Flame for advice and comfort, or when Frost was given an entire country to watch out for. Her heart grew heavier and heavier, her mountain home becoming a prison. She slipped into a Great Depression, her sorrow sending waves of unbridled power across the lands. There was chaos, People fleeing to the underground in fear of the danger of the skies. Her sisters gathered together to figure out a way to fix the problem. They tried many things but none worked and they soon realized the answer was to give her a child of her own blood to pacify her own loneliness. This was easier said than done. It took 10 years, the gathering of all their power, and a deal with the devil to make it work but in the end they had a working keeper spell, one strong enough to give Aria a child. They delivered this gift to Aria before slipping away into hiding, Flow sinking into the depths, Flame to the height of The Tower, fauna disappearing into The Underdark, and Frost ruling from her frozen throne. Slowly the skies calmed as Aria fully realized what had been given to her, and at what cost. She vowed only to use this precious gift on the perfect person. She waited, watching the world once again thrive from her pedestal. She watched the revolution grow and die, she watched armies rise and fall, she watched men slaughter each other and as others died of dieses. But the cal of love and kindness still reached her ears. She heard one heart in particular, Sabor Lerone and after a century of watching him and his struggles deemed him the perfect vessel. She secretly blessed him and his wife, Jillian Ambroious to have a child, one that would also be hers in a right. She then began her life’s wok of protecting them and their child, preparing to guid him on his perilous road. Jack was born and her greatest desires was answered. The joy of being a mother was everything she expected it to be and more. She cherished the moments what Jack would run off and explore the world with such curiocity and innocence. She sent him gentle, warm breezes to fill his wings whenever he tried to fly and she ached when his life turned for the worse. Even then, she sent him what little comfort she could, until his and the worlds final days.

Personality Characteristics


For much of her long existence, the only thing she has ever wanted is a child. Now that she has one, in a sense, she works as hard as she can to help him live up to his destiny, however much it pains her.


Family Ties

Her sisters occasionally check in with her, though they know she prefers to be alone. She spends much of her time following Jack.

Social Aptitude

Her silence and lack of true influence in the world after her breakdown has caused what little she does say to have great importance and weight.
Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Air Elemental
Circumstances of Birth
She is the last elemental created by George
Current Residence
The top of the Golden Mountain
Chin length, white
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white, almost blue


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