Arcane system

If you boil down all the differences between the Second and thrid shudake, it comes down to 1 one thing. The worlds inherent connection to Magic. The third realm has no inherent connection, while the second realm does. This difference is what is sued to determing where someone is from.

You see, Every living creature from the second realm has an extra system in their body that those of you from the Third Shudake don't have. The Arcane system. This system is much like the nervous system or the curculatory system and actually runs parallel to the curculatory system. just like Blood runs through your veins, the purest form of Liquid Magic runs though our Arcane systems.


This system, commonly called Acane threads or just threads for short, connects the living creatures in the Second Shudake with the Fith Shudake, or Magic. It also is what gives every creature in the Second Shudake life. To drain the threads is to slowly drain the life from something.

Unfortunately, Threads are the only source of pure Liquid Magic, the most powerful substance in the Second Shudake, arguably all five Shudake. Many people have suffereed at the hands of greedy scientists and mercenaries in the agonizing process of Thread draining, unltimatly dying for one Bottle of Magic. Sickening.


Threads are found connected to every vein, artery, and capillary. Each thread is a minuscule, silvery tube that, if open to the air, would glow visibly in daylight. The threads are coated in a very thin yet durrable membrain that is what keeps the thread from breaking easily. Inside these tubes runs Liquid Magic that is tinted to the persons individual Aura.

How much Liquid Magic flows through their threads is dependant on their magic level. Or their magic level is dependant on how much Liquid Magic runs though their threads. It runs on a 12 level Scale, though most creatures, as in all but a select few rule breakers, stay between 3 and 8.


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