Ahp Lewab

Ahp Lewab is the largest series of Dragonborn settlements in Pangella. Much of the land is course and harsh, the combination of the lack of rain, colder northern air, and proximity to the mountains has stripped the land of much of its fertility. Instead, the Dragonborns delve into knowledge and skills to gain their income. Due to a Dragonborns natural affinity towards several types of Magic, several well-known and highly regarded schools have built a reputation for themselves and Ahp Lewab as the best schools in the country. In addition to their magical advancements, many of the lands most famous chefs have come from here, and, besides the Dwarves, the best metal workers. Ahp Lewab has held its borders by vigorously defending their land from The Outlanders and their kin.


The mountains that border Ahp Lewab’s have a huge Iron Deposit that bring in a large portion of their revenue. There is only, truly, one castle within its borders and several other smaller manor houses that govern over the towns. On the western border there is a small wall to keep out the more wild Outlanders

Demography and Population

The Majority of its denizens are Dragonborn with the second highest being Dwarves. There are a few Centaurs and the like who have migrated north although they are few. Humans prefer to stay away from this area, seeing as their past is checkered in the north, especially with its proximity to elves and the like. There is a slight over-population problem but it is under control formt he moment. However, contrary to popular belief, there are many Air genasi living in Ahp Lewab, drawn by the force winds and general magical Aura.


The northern section of the outlands and the Thish. There is much argument over who actually should own the land, The Outlands or Ahp Lewab. The land was unsettled when the Dragonborns first settled there, but many Centaurs believe that land to be both sacred and rightfully theirs.


Every firstborn is required to enlist in the army for at least 5 years and then they should be on call in case a war breaks out.

Foreign Relations

With a Black Dragonborn on the throne, there is much tension between Ahp Lewab and the surrounding nations, especially with The Outlands and Greenwood. Still, they do not hesitate to make use of Lewab skills and produce. When dealing with dignitaries, Lewab usually appoints either blue Dragonborns or Purple Dragonborn due to their public reputation for being more calm and level-headed. It is probably due to this decision there isn’t all out war, that and the painstaking work of the foreing diplomats and traders.

Agriculture & Industry

While there is not much agriculture in Ahp Lewab, they thrive on their industry. Their skill in metal work is only parallel by the Dwarves. In the mountains there are large iron deposits with strategically placed factories to refine the Iron. Occasionally, they run into small gold, Silver, caluminum, and varying crystal deposits. Other than for magical or ornamental purposes, Ahp Lewab has little use for such things and they are sold to the dwarves for refinement.

Trade & Transport

Seeing as the quality of their product is one of the only things keeping them from going into war, their trade game is very strong. With weapons and iron work, there are several markets they send their product to. The Air genasi and the Dragonborn tagteam when it comes to magical products, spells being a genasi speciality while items mainly belonging to the Dragonborns. A few hundred years ago, a Dragonborn invented a mechanical enchanted, intricate dragon like thing he called a Amazinton. These machines are now widely used as a delivery device both in the country and out.
Founding Date
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
Government System
Thanatocracy / Necrocracy
Economic System
Mixed economy
Major Exports
Their main exports are iron working, weapons, and magical items of some sort, leaning heavily on protection spells.
Major Imports
They import much of their food
Official Languages
Neighboring Nations


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