Afedena is a large city along the Iron River, A well known trading route from Ahp Lewab all the way down to Hutor and the Siren Seas. Besides Pachoché, Afedena is the most recognizable Tublian city and it is the center of all trade in Tubl.


Dispite it's status as a trade city, Afedena is still mainly a Tiefling city. There is a small comunity of foreigners, including Fire genasi, Orcs, and the occasional Dunne Dwarf family that ventured from their homes. The most surprising demographic, however, is the small comunity of Dragonborns settling in the outskirts of the city.

While none have activly settled in Afedena yet, it is not uncommon to see a small to medium herd of Centaurian traders setting up camp in the feilds on the edge of the Jothi river.


The Quithä acts much like a king or mayor, governing over the city with similar authority. They are aided by a populace voted counsil of 10. The city laws are created by the Quithä and the counsil and must be within the confines of any national laws created by the Thotthä.

All laws are inforced by the Gumoth.

Industry & Trade

Most of the trade is centered around the Iron River edge where all the ships and traders come in. Along the entire streach are docks and markets that could send your senses reeling. Open air stalls all lined up in rows and sqares, covered in different cloths and tarpes to keep out the glaring sun. Commerce from all over the Iron River.

On good days you can even find the lates technoligies and iron work from Ahp Lewab. The Centaur tribes bring strange yet alluring potions and spells, as well as fortunes and news from the rest of the world. Occationally the river brings in some Orcish traders with their many...interesting aquisitions usually in the breathing variety. From strange creatures to a shipment of Slaves, Afedena is just one stop on the voyage to Hutor. In most cases, its better to not ask any questions.

More commonly, in this market you can find spices and textiles, a variety of vivid dies and hand made tile and pottery. Tons of Lata products from Greenwood as well as the finest Elven weapons and steel to be shipped out. You can also find several (I mean it, several) different varieties and variations of alcohole, from a simple night cap all the way to black out for a week.

You can also find a healthy variety from the Obœ Delta being shipped up the Moon River and back down the Jothi.


Unless traders count as tourists, there is very little actual traffic of people. Most are drawn to Pachoché if they come at all. Most are still scared away by the wild rumors about the Fire Planes, Tieflings, and rare and dangerous beasts to be found this far west.


The architecture style here reflects the average Tublian style. While walls, arching, tile domes, large windows and ornate decorations. Bright, heavy cloths hung to keep the cool in and the heat out. Dust stains courtyards and withering plants pushed into corners.

Near the edges of the town the styles begin shifting slightly to accomodate the new cultures but the general asthetic stays the same.
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