While its name is not easily recognized, Abhalzh is the name of the fields where The Outlands. It doesn’t rain or snow, and it is nearly as eye catching as perhaps The Eastern Glades, but it is functional, and several tribes call it home with much joy.

The Real beauty of Abhalzh comes at night, when the Miteba lights take hold of the sky. With pinks, purples, and silvers dancing in the sky, its hard to keep an eye on reality, especially with the Dawn bugs come out.


Abhalzh is a large plain, a flat expanse with virtually nothing on it. Its bordered by mountains on 3 sides and the Moon River and Fire Planes on the other. Abhalzh is pushed right up against the northern mountains which explains its frigid winters. Its proximity to the Fire planes makes it terribly dry and explains the sudden heat flashes. The combination of the two makes for interesting weather all year round. The only large cluster of trees is Thish which makes a wonderful barrier between The Outlands and Ahp Lewab which is nestled in the north eastern corner.

Fauna & Flora

The Flora is simple. Different types of tall grasses, small, sparse bushes, the occasional acacia tree. Some of the native fruits are wild melons and money oranges. There are some more magical and rare plants native to the area, but they are only used by the Centaurs.
The fauna is equally as simple. Abhalzh is the native lands of the Centaurs and Other variations.


No one goes to Abhalzh for any sightseeing, scared off by the Centaurs. If they do come, they come for wisdom, sanctuary, or knowlage, but definitely not for the scenery. Or perhaps they came for the wonderful stargazing opportunities.
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