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The name given to the dense forest region that lies in the South East of Galatia. This region is made famous by its mysterious fauna and factions that maintain the ecosystem.


The centre of the forest is more mountainous and hilly and flattens around the edges of the territory. Deep valleys and gorges dominate the landscape with plateaus nearer to the centre of the area. Vines snake through the hills and between the trees.

Flora & Fauna

Flora: Various herbs and rare plants.   Fauna: Various predators and insects along with planimals.

Natural Resources

Valuable sap from the trees, animal hides, rumoured mines containing precious metals. Various expeditions have journeyed into the region but have encountered considerable opposition from radical eco terrorist groups. Much of the extraction of resources occurs along the edges of the region as a result.
Alternative Name(s)
Green Haven
Forest, Temperate (Seasonal)
Location under

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