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The Lemuria

The Lemuria was one of the missing colony ships that initially sparked the divide between the Decepticons and the soon to be Autobots. A lot of bots that were neutral recall that moment to be the one that twisted the movement, as the ship contained Decepticon diplomats, as well as unknown senate plants and neutral polity spies.   Shortly after this happened, the Autobots separated from the Decepticons, the Decepticons allied with Vos and took control of the Seeker Armada, and Starscream became a Vosian Advisory to the Decepticons. Not long after this occurred, Megatron announced that the Decepticons opposed the Autobots, claiming that they were the ones to sabotage the Lemuria.   After the separation of the Autobots and Decepticons, the senate further implanted lies between the two groups, leading to more fighting between them, which escalated into a full scale war.   However, during the fighting between the two factions, the senate wasn’t ignored, as both factions continued to undermine the power and dismantle the senate in their own ways. The war was officially a war between the two remaining factions when the senate building was bombed only days before Orion was going to make a public appeal to the senate.

The Decepticons

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