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Relationship Types

Spark Bonds

  • Sibling / Split Spark bond
  • Conjunx Endura / Sparkbond
  • Amica Endura / Intermediary bond
  • Creator-Newspark / Creator-Creation bond
  • Combiner / Gestalt bond
  • Trine / Network bond


  Siblings that aren’t twins/triplets, or ‘communal’ siblings - a sparkling raised alongside another creator-pairs sparkling(s) - are rare due to creators finding it difficult to create a newspark so soon after the first, as it creates a strain on the spark. The first creation(s) are usually mature and left the care of their creators if the creator-pair decides to have another newspark. Often there is no sibling bond between these types of spark siblings.   The words ‘sibling’, ‘brother’, and ‘sister’ are mostly used in terms of the bonds between two cybertronians rather than describing familial ties. Unless the siblings are close in age or bond they usually won’t call each other as such. Bots who had a sibling bond but grew distant will often still refer to them with familial terms. Initially distant (in space or age) siblings might end up calling each other by familial terms if they grow closer @ a later state.   No words for extended relations, like ‘aunt’, ‘uncle’, or ‘cousin’. ‘Brother’, ‘sister’, and ‘sibling’ are used to refer to bots close to you, almost as an alternate, non bond amicaship.   Spark Siblings - academic term for gestated bots who share the same two creators - no matter the age between them. Most spark-siblings would not would not refer to each other as such, some would never even meet. This term is rarely used. Not a bond term.
  • Bluestreak + Prowl.
  Split-spark twins - Sparklings/forged bots who’s sparks split from the same source when in development will refer to each other using familial terms during their whole life, as long as they spent their formative years together. Have a ‘split-spark bond’ or ‘sibling-bond’. Very similar to a trine bond, reminiscent of early creator-creation bond.
  • Sideswipe + Sunstreaker.
  Split-protoform - A subtype of split spark twins, where the protoform forms around both already separated sparks at once, and then separates after initial formation has begun. In sparklings, it’s where the frames don’t form separately at first, but instead only separate after the sparks have joined up. This process results in identical twins 4/5ths of the time.
  • Fury + Pride.
  Batchmate - Bots who were in the same ‘batch’ as each other and have retained an almost familial bond. Most commonly used amongst constructed-cold bots due to mass production, but is also present in protoforms who were in a ‘batch’ in a harvested nursery.
  • Arcee + Springer.

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