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Blurr of Velocitron

"There isn't anybody, no one who is faster than me and you know it. I'm the best one for this."
  Blurr tends to be known for one thing in particular: his speed.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Most doctors estimated that Blurr would only live for a decavorn from his birth, due to the speed in which his spark burns out. However, he lived past expectations and has achieved another 5 million years on top of that.

Special abilities

His ability is his unnatural running speed. In alt mode he is definitely one of the fastest bots around, but in root mode he can also achieve speeds close to his vehicle speeds. Due to the spark deformation that is theorised to have caused this, he has a speech impediment, requires much more fuel than a ‘regular’ cybertronian of his size and function would need, and he is incredibly prone to processor aches and/or meltdowns due to the speed in which he processes information.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Blurr was born in one of the largest hotspots found on the colony world of Velocitron. He was quickly labelled as glitched due to his noticeable increase of energon compared to other speedsters of his size, and the speed of his speech which was too fast for many processors to follow. Thus, he never got the chance to figure out how fast he was. Within the Vorn of his creation, he immigrated to Cybertron to avoid being known as defunct.   On Cybertron, his glitch was finally analysed by a medic. As it turned out, his spark works overtime, which causes the increase of energon consumption, processor speed, and speech speed. Essentially, everything about Blurr worked double time to regular Cybertronians. Once he finally got picked up by a racing circuit who thought they could hire cheap speedsters for quick money did Blurr finally figure out the benefits to his "glitch".   The most obvious one was his incredible speed. While his alt-mode was even faster than it technically should be, his running speed also broke records. The circuit soon realised that they had something special in Blurr. He began speech therapy, which helped a little but really only made it possible for others to follow on with him, if not making it easy.   He very quickly rose through the ranks of the racing circuits, breaking records after records and within his fourth vorn he had become one of the reigning champions of racing throughout Cybertron and its colonies.   during the war was a neutral for a while, before joining the autobots when his apartment in iacon was destroyed in a decepticon attack. it humbled him and made him realise that this was a serious thing that was affecting not only him but those around him, and he realised that he was willing to fight to protect he became an information gatherer and courier, working closely with jazz and his SpecOps crew, before eventually becoming a partial wrecker as well. he’s still in the information and recon division during lemuria


Very little formal initial education, but about halfway through his fame he secretly took general classes.


Racer, Celebrity, Runner, Autobot spy and intelligence agent.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Held multiple world records for speed on pre-war cybertron.   Achieved celebrity status.   Became one of the Autobot intelligence agents with the highest success record.

Failures & Embarrassments

Almost killed by Shockwave a part way through the war and considers it one of his worst failures to the Autobots

Mental Trauma

Anxiety, PTSD he had ptsd from the shockwave incident, but he is feeling much better about that now due to a very long time of working through it.

Known Languages
Friends: Sunstreaker Sideswipe Rodimus Jazz

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