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The Weaver

The Weaver is the beginning of everything, and the core pillar of the Tethered Realms. They wove the Veil and built the Astorians, creating the universe as we know it. They also have never been seen by any citizen of the Tethered Realms. Even the Astorians, when they can be conversed with, have rarely seen the Weaver in their entirety, instead showing a small part of their essence to interact with their creations.

The Weaver appears as a towering figure in the clouds, cloaked in red, with the blood red threads of the Veil coming loose from their cloak. Some claim to have seen their face when they appear in terrifying visions to those chosen few. More commonly, their face is shadowed by the red hood, only a soft smile visible below the fabric. They never speak aloud, their voice too powerful for the mortal ear. When they appear, it is to guide a mortal down their destined path in life, pushing the Tethered Realms forward. Many great heroes have claimed visitation from the Weaver during their lives, either preparing them for or guiding them during the events that made them famous.

It is unknown where the Weaver comes from, or if there are other beings like them. They tethered the different galaxies together, weaving them into a giant fabric, each thread made from reality itself. This fabric of reality came to be known as the Veil.

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