Ar an Rhyfel

Military action


"Ar an Rhyfel", the Age of War, centuries of warfare between the alliance of gods and mankind against the giants who had terrorized humanity for some 1,000 years. These wars would wreak havoc on the landscape of the world and millions would die before mankind and their divine allies triumphed and the giants were forced further and further north and soon threatened with extinction.

The Age of War witnessed untold calamity befall both sides as mankind's sheer numbers were the only thing that stopped it from battering itself into extinction. The giants however proved unable to withstand the numbers of humanity, their willful vengeance, and the much needed aid from the gods. In a now permanently scarred land, the final battle in the wars was fought and the last giant leader was slain and the last vestiges of giant resistance crumbled away as a mass exodus led them to the cold north where they can now be found. Heroes of legend and myth had their sagas made known in this time, the most renowned was Gydwïyr, the last hero of mankind and the leader of humanity in this last conflict. Gydwïyr slew the final giant leader at Hautkrig before dying in battle and being buried at the spot of humanity's final triumph over their rivals.

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