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The Vyedymi (Ved-emee)

The most renowned monster-hunting order in the world and known far and wide as the people to call when monsters come too close to humans.


An elected, Elso Maister or "high master" leads the order through name only as the order is a loose collection of trained witch hunters under the supervision of the leaders of the order seated at their fortress Erod-a-Raihan.
Subordinate members of the order are mainly instructors and intellectuals, who each teach a certain aspect of the order's techniques in fighting magical and natural beasts.


The Vyedymi are a loose collection of wandering hunters whose collective training, education, and ideals are molded at their stronghold of Erod-a-Raihan near the end of the Rhor river at a plateau they called "Kopho Heynja" or Place of Bones. The Vyedymi are highly skilled in their trade and willing to work for almost any payment as they're notoriously quite poor in contrast to their communal standings. The hunters mainly use their payment to maintain their equipment, buy herbs used for certain potions, or if they're feeling charitable, to send back to Erod-a-Raihan as a tribute to the order. Due to the looseness of their operations, the Vyedymi are known to either hunt solo or in pairs as some hunters are known to take on large bounties for particularly dangerous monsters and require a partner. Personally, Vyedymi are renowned for their standoffishness, for their rugged bravery, and for their sarcastic wit as they've become fixtures in both the monster-hunting business as well as bandit hunting on occasion.

Public Agenda

Provide protection and safety for any and all persons or people in need of fending off of or eliminating of dangerous and foreign fauna, cursed peoples, or monsters of all kinds.


The cadets of Erod-a-Raihan are given the skills, knowledge, and equipment needed for their time as Vyedymi roaming the world. This includes basic brigandine armor with the emblem of the order as a badge on the right side of the armor. The order's brigandine is coated in special oil meant to mask it from supernatural senses and provide a bit of protection from typical slashing and stabbing done by monsters. The Vyedymi are given silver imbued gauntlets for handing monsters and for being able to grapple with specters who are especially susceptible to silver.


Following a particularly bad incident in 315 A.E where the entire town of Indulas was slaughtered by a pack of Asins. Following this event, called Bloody Indulas, the Order of the Witchmen was created directly to address the issue of stray Asins venturing too close to settlements. From this, the order slowly grew as more and more they seemed to be the only force capable of even facing the dangers of the wilds. The Order contracted some wizards and mages who had long been social outcasts to come to their first fortress of Erod-a-Ulunan to teach there. With the help of these early wizards, the Vyedymi were officially formed with the merging of the mage Order of Aruspices and the Order of Witchmen. Since the merging of these two orders, the Vyedymi have become a staple of life in the world after the Dykairos as monsters, specters, the cursed and every foul being in between have only become more and more prevalent in the world. The order has seen its initial setbacks however, early into its life it did not hold the regard it does today, and an angry mob of townspeople from Idenija attacked the first fortress of Erod-a-Ulunan forcing the Vyedymi to flee west and resettle their order on the site of their castle today Erod-a-Raihan literally, "Fortress on the Rhor" in the Order's native Yarmeza tongue.

The order has seen a few renowned figures don its crest and carry out their work in the name of the Witchmen. Figures such as master Reuben Janishaie the slayer of the monster of Llyn Gwaed and an internally beloved dueling instructor at Eron-a-Raihan who lived to the age of 88 and spent his days training cadets in the fashion of proper Vyedymi hunters. There is also, Oláh Szimonetta an uncommon Witchwoman who specialized in magic taught by the orders wizards in combination with her fantastic fencing to become a very famous Vyedymi hunter who offered her services to many a desperate Reik, Jarl, or Lord. She became renowned for her slaying of a gigantic Minhocão which had been terrorizing a keep of the Reik Rollo who rewarded her with a king's payment which she sent back to Eron-a-Raihan.

"Ok nélkül, becsület nélkül" or Without Cause, Without Honor

Founding Date
322 A.E
Guild, Fighter / Mercenary
Alternative Names
The Witchmen, The Cloaks
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Leader Title
Controlled Territories
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