Jahn Hurs

Ecclesial Cleric Jahn Hurs (a.k.a. Blessed/Cursed Jahn Hurs)

The influential ecclesial cleric espoused heretical beliefs and would inspire a fervent band of followers that would plunge Tiranar, Menscha, and Jurane in religious wars for nearly twenty years after his death.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Said to have been a sickly child in adolescence, Jahn Hurs was small in stature and considered more on the ugly side for his protruding nose and large ears.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Jahn Hurs was born in Hinec, Heskia, to poor farmers. In order to escape poverty, Hurs trained for the ecclesial priesthood. At an early age, he traveled to Drestadt, where he supported himself by volunteering and serving in orphanages and poor houses in the slums of the city. His conduct was well received by many and Hurs made a name for himself via his kind nature and generosity as well as strong moral convictions. After years in the employ of various Ecclesial priests, Hurs having been ordained a cleric, began work in the area.

After years of working inside the Ecclesia, Hurs gradually developed many opposing views of the organization, such as their strong influence on the politics and worldly activity of the Kingdom and its day-to-day functions. Hurs also disavowed the ideas of the Ecclesia that stated that the two branches of the faith were separable and that they were to remain so for all time. These beliefs soon turned into statements as Hurs began preaching his interpretation of the faith to his growing list of followers, the first Hurrites. Hurs also espoused apocalyptic beliefs in the coming end of days, something heretical to the belief in the Ecclesia which did not believe in an apocalypse.

Hurs eventually caught the attention of Ecclesial authorities and was immediately demanded to recant his statements and make a public offer of penance for his heresy. When Hurs refused, he was arrested along with some of his followers who refused to part from him. While imprisoned, Hurs is reported to have continued to preach sermons from his jail cell and according to one account, to have been rendered blind after being hit in the head by one of his jailers. Hurs' trial was commenced and presided over by King Reiner Hohengoff. Hurs' works were read aloud to a largely antagonistic jury and after an hour of deliberating, they found him guilty and he was sentenced to be burnt at the stake.

During Hurs' execution, he is said to have both regained his sight and to have uttered several prophecies about the coming conflicts over his teachings. One such prophecy was supposed "You kill a weak goose but have brought a flock of more powerful birds upon yourselves." Hurs is a play on words of Hus, the Heskian word for Goose. Hurs was finally executed and his ashes were thrown into the Rhor in an attempt to prevent his remains from being venerated by his followers.

Hurs' death did not have the desired effect as soon after, his followers rose up in revolution, and soon, years of war would be upon the Kingdoms of Tiranar, Menscha, and Jurane and the Hurrites would gain victories in Menscha and Jurane while their efforts in Tiranar would be ferociously stamped out.

Personality Characteristics


Call for religious reform in the ecclesial hierarchy

Virtues & Personality perks

Well Read

Vices & Personality flaws

Near Sighted


Social Aptitude

Reclusive and introverted, Hurs was a natural bookkeeper and ecclesial cleric who remained a kind-natured and gentle man throughout most of his life.
(The execution of Jahn Hurs, he was fitted with a white cap that denoted him as an unrepentant heretic)
Divine Classification
Date of Birth
10th of Aulza
Date of Death
1st of Modia
614 A.E 654 A.E 40 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Son of poor Heskian farmers
Circumstances of Death
Burned at the stake by Ecclesial authorities for heresy
Hinec, Heskia
Place of Death
Drestadt, Great Salia
Dark Brown
Dark Brown, Curly Hair and Beard
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
150 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Is it not wrong to go to a golden house in order to be taught to give to the needy?"
Hurrite Faith
Aligned Organization
Character Prototype
Jan Hus


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