Dresirea "The Day of Wrath"

Though called many names in many lands, all people talk of a final age where the fate of the world will come down to the clash between forces of immense power, each vying for total dominion over the world in order to reshape it to their liking.


Dresirea, the Day of Wrath as it is called in the chilly north of Iola, speaks of a foreboding future and casts an ever-attentive eye on the present as numerous Druids, magians, scholars, and prophets have come forward since the Dykairos proclaiming the coming of the day. Most famous was in the case of the blind Areul prophet Arselwya who, before even the Dykairos, dreadfully predicted the events preluding Dresirea. Arselwya claimed that the first sign was "A time of struggle when the mighty Eagle falls and cracks the world open with its weight", this being symbolized as the Empire of the Rasenna which fell, beginning the Dykairos. The 2nd signal was "A time of resurrection, the bones of yore will rise and plague the living". The 3rd signal would be "the time of quarrel" when the world of mankind would fight bloody wars which would wash away rivers in red, this violence would swing open the gates of the gods, either to welcome fallen warriors or as a consequence of mankind destroying itself. The final signal will be when "the red giant breaks free of his bonds and arrives in the fields of his kinsmen". This has commonly been seen to allude to a defying figure in the mythos of cultures across the world. This defier, once a powerful god was casted down and imprisoned by their family and who now will awaken and march to the final battlefield of the world. When this happens, the final day will come as will the last Jotnar monarch, risen from the ashes of their people to do one final battle against their eternal foes, the gods.

Historical Basis

Tomes, manuscripts, and journals from attendants and students of Arselwya have been found that detail, word for word her prophecy. These sources have come under some scrutiny for perhaps lining up too nicely with events occurring after the prophet's death with some claiming they are modern or near-modern forgeries meant to instill forboding fear in readers. Nevertheless, the prophet's words have become world renown and while surely in some they inspire a sense of upcoming dread, they also serve as a warning to those with the means to stop these signs from occurring to action in order to save the world as it is known today.


First, Arselwya's prophecy only reached a handful of her followers and those in the nearby region. Her words, however, stayed with us even after her first prediction came true and the Rasenna fell. Since the Dykairos, Arselwya's prophecy has traveled the world and become known to most as a warning of the years coming and of the fate of the world.

Variations & Mutation

Many interpretations exist of the prophecy, many acknowledge that her first prediction war detailing the fall of the Rasenna and the subsequent initial years of the Dykarios. Some, mainly those of power and prestige, disagree with the assertion that the 2nd age is upon us, refusing the claim that the "resurrection" of magic is not what she meant and the dampening of residual Jotnar magic has not happened at all. These claims are hard to believe and now claiming that we are arriving on the 3rd age, the age of quarrel is a controversial opinion in the courts and keeps of rulers across the land while the peasantry and lower classes hold firm that the age of quarrel is coming soon.

Cultural Reception

Initially, Arselwya's prophecy was an afterthought in the backwater of Areul. This was because she predicted the end of the Rasenna while none thought that the empire would even fall. Soon before and after the beginning of the Dykairos, Arselwya's prophecy exploded in popularity as her words echoed in the new world being lived in. The Areul prophet continued to be proven right as her "age of resurrection" seems to be the re-emergence of magic into the world and of dead specters and monsters roaming the world. She also seems to have predicted the famines and pestilence that have plagued the world since as with mankind's new magic funneling power away, the residual magic of the long-dead Jotnar has lessened, leaving fields barren and mankind more susceptible to diseases. Now the 3rd signal, the age of quarrel, seems to be arriving as forces across the world mobilize their armies and seem to be eying war and expansion in a manner unknown for centuries.

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