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The Legal High Court

The Spiked Law

Purpose / Function

The purposes and duties of this Court vary quite a bit; it is there to enforce laws and rules, to judge on legal matters and cases, no matter how large or small, to hold legal information related to the city, and the likes.


This building features gothic elements all over, from the tall pillars which support the ceilings, both inside and out. The entrance hall, the lobby, is spacious and built of fine stone and marble, as are most of the larger courtrooms and parts of both the Public and the Legal Library.   Some offices have wooden floors, and arches made of different material, seemingly based on the purpose and level of the office. Some of the domes seem to be half melded or submerged in the walls, probably only there for decor purposes.


The building was originally a private home of one of the first families to live here, and was utilized as a courthouse some decades after it was built after a member of the family had returned from a congregation of larger settlements in the north, where they studied the cultures, languages, and laws of these countries.   That was some three hundred to three hundred and fifty years ago, when it had barely been anything more than a town. It was barely more than a two-level stone and wood cottage at the time, with a third sub-level which served for storing food.   However, it was torn down and built back up with better materials thrice since then, each time adding on at least two more levels. It now stands as one of the tallest structures in the city, at roughly fifty feet tall (~fifteen meters), with a pole ending in the city flag and a spike protruding another three feet up.   The tallest version of this structure is said to have been built by a family of artists and a family of two craftsmen who were blessed with knowledge by the gods of the Empty Scroll and the Grinding Gear faiths, which is why the building is so tall yet so secure.
Parent Location

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