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Listener Tafoi'ya be Lanf

Listener Tafoi'ya be Lanf

Physical Description

Body Features

Tafoi'ya's body is slender, his face already shows the signs of sagging and aging and he is rather frail, and has been such since some years after he became the head Listener.

Physical quirks

In public, he often walks around with a straight back, and a look of disappointment or disgust when passing by those who sell fish or those who work with clay, dirt and the such.

Special abilities

Seems to be able to create illusions, understand the language of the Inner Gods, and has some control over his environments and those in it.

Apparel & Accessories

He often wears robes depicting the greens and browns of the forest, as well as some black pieces.

Specialized Equipment

He is known for his ability to paint and sketch extremely well.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Tafoi'ya was born to a couple of woodworkers in the The Fjoron Port in the eight and last month, Sneewnai, of the year 478, according to the Fjoren calender. He was not fond of growing up here due to feeling insecure and below most others and thus seeked a place in the place of worship, where the Listener took him in and began teaching him of the ways of their religion. His parents attempted getting him back to them and his siblings but with little luck.   Eventually, around the warm months of year 500, he took over as Listener, after spending a week alone in the Fjoren Forests, and returning with one knife less, wounds on his arms and a pair of The Whispering Antlers, freshly crafted and carved.   Since then, he has been running the villiage with an iron fist, creating a tougher time for all who live 'under' him.

Mental Trauma

Tafoi'ya be Lanf suffers from a phobia of large water areas and spiders.

Morality & Philosophy

He believes in a version of superiority based on economic and mental growth and he is known to be elitist and hedonistic.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Tafoi'ya be Lanf is fond of shiny gems and items, speaking in front of a crowd, looking down at others, religion. Meat is also one of his favourite kinds of food. Meanwhile, he dislikes insects, people talking behind his back, swaying from the norm or people attempting to "take" his place as the Listener.

Virtues & Personality perks


Vices & Personality flaws

Selfish, self-centred, loud and arrogant as the day is long.

Personality Quirks

The Listener always snorts when laughing.


Although he prefers his chambers and place of worship clean and neat, he only bathes once between a week and three weeks, due to his fear of water.


Family Ties

Tafoi'ya no longer has any family ties, seeing as most of his siblings speak to him only due to their obligation to speak to the Speaker.


Tafoi'ya never swears, but has come close to it at one point or another. He has a slight lisp when pronouncing a word containing the letter r and he usually speaks in a calm tone when in public. Often does he end up throwing some simile or metaphor out there, when in doubt about how to answer a question or simply to avoid it. To those he dislikes thoroughly, he often greets them while passing by and doesn't stop often, while, when saying his farewells, he will smile and say 'Smooth sailing' to them, which is often his own inside way of insulting them.

Wealth & Financial state

By all standards, Tafoi'ya be Lanf is the richest in the village, especially with the taxes and rules he has brought since his appointment. He has access to all of the goods within the settlement and is allowed to take whatever he may choose; take too much however, and he may have many issues on hand.

Chaotic Neutral
Current Location
The Fjoron Port
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Head-Listener, Listener, Leader
Year of Birth
478 (47 years old)
The house of a herbalist in The Fjoron Port
Current Residence
The Fjoron Port
Biological Sex
Black leaning towards grey, squint-y and un-trusting.
Raven black hair, flowing down to the lower half of his back.

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