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The world of Terpiens is a world similar to ares with the acceptation to races, culture , and physics. this story begins 1829 years after Jesus Christ arrived in this world creating the religion Cristum ( catholic ). a new empire rose form its island to the giant landmass ingens terra , Imerium Prussicus or rather known as Prussland formed after its 12 prusslain kingdoms unified under Kaiser Konrad III and spread its colonies. the new nation quickly made enemy's of the elves nation to the south Dryaadlis and its allies. The magic nations hated them for there belief in the Christ and the belife that elves are above humans. Prussland being the science and industrial nation it is developed ways to deal with the threats like introducing the new gen of firearms to the colonies. The nations of Aurram and Rep. of Calstead watch and decide who to back in this conflict