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These are a proud nomadic tribe of bird folk. Their numbers are diminishing down to only a hand full of Birds, under 25.   They fly from branch to branch in the tall pines around the mountains on the main continent. From day to day they tend to roost in new trees to avoid the threats through the ground at night. Given that they move so much and have air superiority to all the other races, they only fear the environments attacks on them.   The toxins in the air make most of them rather sickly and shorter lived than normal. Large toxic storms make passing through clouds a death sentence for them, and with their sickly bodies, landing on the ground is a fast way to be attacked by predators or memebers of more aggressive peoples.

Naming Traditions

Family names

They have no sirnames, however when there where more tribes they would say 'of x tribe' when being formal.

Other names

Name Generator

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Ability Score Increase +1 Wis, +2 Dex
Size Medium
Speed 25 ft, 50 ft fly

Sequestered in high mountains atop tall trees, the aarakocra, sometimes called birdfolk, evoke fear and wonder. They are immigrants, refugees, scouts, and explorers, their outposts functioning as footholds in a world both strange and alien.  

Beak and Feather

From below, aarakocra look much like large birds. Only when they descend to roost on a branch or walk across the ground does their humanoid appearance reveal itself. Standing upright, aarakocra might reach 5 feet tall, and they have long, narrow legs that taper to sharp talons.   Feathers cover their bodies. Their plumage typically denotes membership in a tribe. Males are brightly colored, with feathers of red, orange, or yellow. Females have more subdued colors, usually brown or gray. Their heads complete the avian appearance, being something like a parrot or eagle with distinct tribal variations.  

Sky Wardens

Nowhere are the aarakocra more comfortable than in the sky. They can spend hours in the air, and some go as long as days, locking their wings in place and letting the thermals hold them aloft. In battle, they prove dynamic and acrobatic fliers, moving with remarkable speed and grace, diving to lash opponents with weapons or talons before turning and flying away.   Once airborne, an aarakocra leaves the sky with reluctance. They sometimes forget or ignore vertical distances, and they have nothing but pity for those earthbound people forced to live and toil on the ground.  

Avian Mannerisms

The resemblance of aarakocra to birds isn’t limited to physical features. Aarakocra display many of the same mannerisms as ordinary birds. They are fastidious about their plumage, frequently tending their feathers, cleaning and scratching away any tiny passengers they might have picked up. When they deign to descend from the sky, they often do so near pools where they can catch fish and bathe themselves.   Many aarakocra punctuate their speech with chirps, sounds they use to convey emphasis and to shade meaning, much as a human might through facial expressions and gestures. An aarakocra might become frustrated with people who fail to pick up on the nuances; an aarakocra’s threat might be taken as a jest and vice versa.  

Aarakocra Names

As with much of their speech, aarakocra names include clicks, trills, and whistles to the point that other peoples have a difficult time pronouncing them. Typically, a name has two to four syllables with the sounds acting as connectors. When interacting with other races, aarakocra may use nicknames gained from people they meet or shortened forms of their full names. Name Generator  

Aarakocra Traits

As an aarakocra, you have certain traits in common with your people. Being able to fly at high speed starting at 1st level is exceptionally effective in certain circumstances and exceedingly dangerous in others. As a result, playing an aarakocra requires special consideration by your DM.   Age Aarakocra reach maturity by age 3. Compared to humans, aarakocra don’t usually live longer than 30 years.   Size Aarakocra are about 5 feet tall. They have thin, lightweight bodies that weigh between 80 and 100 pounds. Your size is Medium.   Flight You have a flying speed of 50 feet. To use this speed, you can’t be wearing medium or heavy armor.   Talons You are proficient with your unarmed strikes, which deal 1d8+1 slashing damage on a hit.

Languages. You can speak, read, and write English and Avian.


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