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The Yawning Portal

[I]In one corner sits a pair of traveling dwarf merchants, while before the large hearth a genasi and half-orc trade war stories. Oddities of various kind fill the walls and shelves and serve as centerpieces on many of the tables; a bloodstained map here, a troll finger, still wriggling, there. A trio of triton play an ancient card game at one booth while a brave young paladin takes the plunge into tavern's central well and into the depths below...[/I]   Built on the ruins of an ancient wizard tower -- which itself was built on Ley line's foci -- the Yawning Portal has housed many a traveler and adventurer in its long tenure. It's owner, @Durnan, built the inn after amassing a fortune exploring the ruins on which the inn was built. A 40-foot-diameter well dominates the center of the inn's taproom. Brave adventurer's can pay a gold piece to adventure down into the ruins of the tower and under-depths below; it also costs a gold piece to be pulled back up, paid in advance. Durnan is not known to be relenting in the fee, even for frantic adventurers or sob stories.

Purpose / Function

Inn, built not the ruins of an ancient wizard tower.

Characters in Location
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