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The Cult of Verzelt

The Cult of Verzelt is a cult devoted to Verzelt, Lord of Desperation. Their leader is Dwarven Warlock and Fighter named Dworik Ironfist. The cult expands by offering to help out the desperate and needy by giving them a place to stay before branding them with the mark of Verzelt, an easily recognizable sign of being a member of his cult. This makes them dependent on the cult to avoid being executed on the spot while also making them more desperate to leave and giving Verzelt more power.   Since the desperation of mortals empowers Verzelt, the cult tends to take actions that cause people to be desperate. This often involves targeting specific individuals and just ruining their lives.   Most of the recruits aren't actually loyal and would betray the cult if they weren't terrified of the enforcers and they didn't have what equates to a death sentence stamped on their foreheads.


Dworik Ironfist is the current leader, and makes all the calls. He is also the only one who isn't branded with the mark of Verzelt making him capable of appearing in public without being killed.   Below him are the most loyal to the cult and are thus able to lead the other branches of the cult.   Below them are the enforcers who have lost hope of ever leaving the cult, instead punishing any perceived disobedience from the members. The enforcers are able to punish anyone of any rank accept the leader.   At the bottom are the recruits who aren't at all loyal, but are unable to leave due to the death sentence branded on their forehead. They do most of the dirty work.


The Cult of Verzelt doesn't have much wealth, or any assets really. They need to steal everything they need.


The Cult of Verzelt's main base is the sewers of Glang, but they have another base in the mines of Hjolik.


The cult is devoted to Verzelt and while most of it's members actively dislike both the cult and Verzelt, they still worship him out of fear of punishment from the rest of the cult.

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