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Maclif Quilt

The most cherished gift in the Northern Provinces is a handmade Maclif quilt. These quilts are made from the softest wool and are intricately embroidered with designs that hold special meaning to the recipient.   The process of creating a quilt is a labor of love, and it often takes months for a skilled artisan to complete one. The wool is carefully sheared from the backs of the gentle sheep that roam the rolling hills of the Northern Provinces near @Macl, and it is then dyed using natural plant dyes to create a beautiful array of colors.   Once the wool has been prepared, the Runeweavers begin the intricate process of embroidering the quilt. Each design is unique and holds special significance to the recipient, whether it be a depiction of their favorite animal, a symbol of their family, or a reminder of an important event in their life. As it is enchanted, the quilt has a slightly moving depiction, an effect that is highly sought after.   The result is a truly one-of-a-kind work of art that is as warm and comforting as it is beautiful. When gifted, a quilt is a symbol of love, care, and the bond between the giver and the recipient. It is a gift that is treasured for a lifetime, and it is often passed down from generation to generation as a cherished family heirloom. Due to the ardous nature of the creation process, only the richest families have the means to acquire a Maclif Quilt and even fewer have the means to have a multitude of them. It is believed that each member of the House of Ardent receive one when being born.
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