Few Naktik become blade masters but it’s not an uncommon occurrence; there are at least five at present. At one time, more than half of the blade masters were Nakuk but that time was long ago.

  Major Cities:
Pekapeokuit (capital), Kuktaiqik, Naiuqshuq, Taquiit, Iaquishuk

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Nalai Shonuk Geioq

Masculine names

Geohk Kiuktuk Piaquk

Family names

Each Naktik belongs to a clan. They are as follows:  Seal Caribou Whale Bear Fox Walrus Reindeer Ivory Stone Bone


Culture and cultural heritage

Each household has at least one dog. How many they have is a mark of status. There are several breeds of dogs common to the Nakuk region.

While the clan structure doesn’t mean what it once did in ancient days, it is still followed strictly. Clan members can petition their chieftain or chieftess to bring a matter before the Triumvirate.   Chieftain/Chieftess | Elders | Hunters, Healers, Story tellers | Artists, Gatherers, Makers | Adults | Children   The highest possible calling a Nakuk can aspire to is that of Star Guide, those that watch the stars for signs and guide the people. As they are responsible for choosing the Triumviri they hold a great deal of power. Aside from Elders, the Storytellers are the most revered person in a clan.

Average technological level

Basic; it was once much higher but many things were lost.

Common Dress code

Clothing is made from animal skins and fur. Exposed skin, other than the hands, neck, and face, is frowned upon. While making clothing isn’t a high ranked profession, its one that everyone needs. Clothing is made to be durable and functional rather than durable.

Art & Architecture

The Naktik live in domed cities to protect themselves from the violent snow storms that blast through during the colder months as well as the wild animals.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Blessings involving them include but are not limited to:
May the Lights watch over/protect you.
I swear on the Shinning Lights.
May your soul one day dance with the ancestors.
Darkness take you – viewed as a curse

Funerary and Memorial customs

The Nakuk believe that when they die, their souls will fly into the sky to join with the others, becoming the Shinning Lights that are sometimes seen dancing across the night sky. Seeing these lights is widely thought to be good luck, meaning that the sacred ancestors are watching you. Prayers and incense are often offered up to the Lights.


Beauty Ideals

The Iteri are darker skinned, light haired, dark eyed, tall, and thin.

Significant presence in


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