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Kosark (Ko-sark)


Rambunctious in his youth, Kosark lived in his tribe like a free spirit up to no end of mischief. A native of Immensio, the winds and nomadic lifestyle were deep in his veins. It fell to him to read the ever changing weather, and take heed of impending storms or ill winds. A duty that Kosark didn't live up to, and ultimately made others pay the price for. The sudden appearance of a flash storm, the signs of which he ignored to party instead, decimated his tribe. Although many kept their lives, his sister and brother perished, and most of the tribe's wares along with them.   Overwhelmed with guilt, Kosark committed to the path of the thundercaller properly. A shamanistic role that required deep spiritual commitment and practice, he spent decades doing so obsessively. Despite many more successes in guiding his tribe, averting numerous disasters, and ushering in prosperous times, the guilt never left. When a prodigal new thundercaller arose, rather than conflict with the arrogant youngster, he seceded his role to them.   Taking the memorial effigies of his brother and sister, Kosark left the tribe in self-imposed exile. His siblings' dream, to see the end of the world, was the only thing left he had to guide him. He ventured eastward, toward Lophern, then farther still to Aerthen. A rough and arduous journey that wore him down terribly, and such is when he met Alexandre.   A young and relatively unknown adventurer at the time, Alexandre had a vision of purpose and ability. Hearing Kosark's tale and for the most part going in the same direction, the two buddied up for the journey. To Kosark's surprise, Alexandre accompanied him as far as the Barrier Sea, all on a whim to help his new friend see things through. Although it wasn't the 'farthest' end of the world, the glimmering Shinespark Ocean moved him. Setting the effigies adrift on a tiny sacrificial boat, Kosark let the winds take them on their journey across the endless waters.   Bereft of any real purpose, Kosark took up Alexandre's offer to become an adventurer. If nothing else, the busy work of survival, questing, and amassing riches kept him busy. Technically the second member of the Fearless Ananpae, his seniority is buried under his witticisms and playful humor. He gets along with all his fellows reasonably well, though his shifting moods changes who. Favré and Zai entertain his spiritual and intellectual fancies, and the three have long gone on deep debates. At times his mind needs a break, Suhla's methodical hunting and training offer a comforting monotony.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Fit, lean, and athletic, Kosark is a seasoned runner and agile combatant alike. Growing up on the plains of Immensio and the arduous needs of being a thundercaller did much to sculpt him in that regard. His fur and hair tends to have a wild, wind-swept nature to it, as much personal style as just looking that way naturally.

Apparel & Accessories

Favoring padded cloth and flexible leather, Kosark's attire focuses on flexibility and light weight over everything else. These play into his wind-enhanced strengths, making him extraordinarily quick, agile, and all-around difficult to fight cleanly. A long-sleeved white shirt and baggy pants covers his under layer, while leather armor strips are wrapped on over as needed. His personal robe–a very cut open and wind-friendly article–covers everything. Beads, small gems, and loose, stylish chains with animal feathers adorn the torso part of the robe, with the feathers trailing down onto his skirt.   His preferred weapon is a wooden staff, one end being rounded, the other having an iron-head fashioned as a dull spike. A backup dagger is situated on his waist, as well as one in his right sandal.
Current Location
Year of Birth
2385 TD 50 Years old
Monolid; brown iris, white schlera
Darker wheat yellow/gold hair; middle-back length, seperated into five main braids
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Tanned, golden tinged skin; wheat yellow/wood brown fur
5'10"ft; 177cm


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