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Bafin Xiaomei


Born into a martial sect, Xiaomei's inadequacies in her family arts saw her regulated to the bottom of the social ladder. Her pride yet remained, but all of society bore down on her, and a destitute life was all that awaited. It would be Velandra's‌ uprising that saw her given another chance. Departing, she made for Velandra's then-gathering loyalists, and brought many of the secrets of her Bafin family. Such was enough to earn an audience with the sovereign, and Xiaomei's anger of being rendered useless quite impressed everyone there. She was given another family's martial arts, which almost immediately proved highly useful to her.   It would be through hardwork and dedication that Xiaomei rose through the ranks in Velandra's faction. Lacking in natural talent, her raw perseverance often let her eclipse her fellows when it came to their usefulness. In this she hit a proverbial glass ceiling, far more capable than most people, but unable to truly surpass exceptional prodigies that filled the upper echelon. Xiaomei opted for a different path, seeing a niche no one else quite willingly filled--domestic affairs. Much of Velandra's fledgling organization was ran by whoever lived where, and so it suffered terribly from lack of adequate management. Thus she made it her mission to centralize it all and bring a semblance of useful order.   Many took note of her efforts, coming together on the opportunity she revealed. It would be her exceptional usefulness in coordination that caught Velandra's eye for her personally. Judged and found ideal, she was elevated to a position of First Maid of the new Heavenly Palace. It fell to her to organize all the mundane affairs of the palace, and ensure smooth coordination of the many officials of the even newer Xaishan Accord. Such marks her humble work and unspoken for accomplishments, unremarkable in the eyes of history, but inviolably important to support Velandra and her larger-than-life ambitions.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Fit and physically capable, often belied by her soft and rounded appearance. Xiaomei's seeming meekness often plagued her in her early life, but has ever proven powerful in the world of courtly intrigue.

Special abilities

Martial Artist -- Xiaomei's once life as a martial disciple carries on in her role as First Maid. Where she can, she trains herself to a surprisingly capable degree of fighting, and her magical equipment offers a strong edge not often matched.

Apparel & Accessories

Adorning a long-sleeved robe and voluminous pants, Xiaomei's dress is a befitting cut between stylish and functional. The dark purple fabric is lined with white and silvery colors, creating a dichotomy or colors without the extravagant richness seen elsewhere in Velandra's palace. Often unseen but ever present are a pair of vambraces and shin guards, their dark iron inlaid with crysium gems that glow purple. At the heart of these pieces lay tiny singularity spheres, turning them into powerful magical equipment the otherwise unmagical Xiaomei can wield.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity





Linfu Jian

Subservient Worker

Towards Bafin Xiaomei


Bafin Xiaomei


Towards Linfu Jian


Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
First Maid is a position, if not an exact title, that is prevalent throughout noble families in Tomu. Seen as the head of a household's domestic staff, they are a lady's right hand in seeing their will done. Xiaomei herself insisted upon the name when first hired by Velandra, and has ever secured herself into a fixed and definitive position within the sovereign's palace.
Year of Birth
2408 TD 27 Years old
Current Residence
Thin, somewhat rounded eyes with a brown iris and white sclera
Black with hints of brown streaks.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization
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