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Cosmic Endangerment Prevention Alliance

Protectors of the Multiverse

Written by Endrise

We are neither rivals nor nemesises. We are allies with a singular goal: to maintain balance in this ever-changing existence we call our home.

Outsiders interfering with the lives of mortals isn't special by any means. By the countless amounts of crossbreeds, it has become a given they are always there whether you like it or not. But sometimes these dangers threaten the lives of almost everything.

The Cosmic Endangerment Prevention Alliance, or CEPA, ensures the stability amongst the many realms. Spanning all pillar worlds, it protects against any threat the realms might face. Whether it be a Demonic or Angelic, born from the Void or elsewhere.


CEPA's leadership exists out of 24 members, those being representatives of their respective plane. From each world, 6 members are chosen to represent said realm. Once chosen, they are responsible for the defensive tasks against outsider threats.

Although they each have their own duties to attend to, they also come together from time to time. There, they discuss recurring patterns or debate invasions from allied realms. If situations get dire, they provide additional support to aid in battle.

Beneath that, each realm has their own units handling local issues:

  • Plane of Air: The Ziz Fleet led by Gabrielle Moonstone.
  • Plane of Earth: The Behemoth Guard led by Beaumont Bronzeblade.
  • Plane of Fire: The Salamander Army led by Mannesah Coppercore.
  • Plane of Water: The Leviathan Navy led by Kai Silverwave.


CEPA is a multi-dimensional operation that spans entire worlds. As such, the operation is an absolute powerhouse unlike seen anywhere. Through collaboration, their armies stand strong hundred thousands, coming from across the multiverse. Whether it be the pilots of the Ziz Fleet or the beast tamers of the Leviathan Navy.

Each unit also has their stronghold situated in their own elemental plane. Led by the regional leaders, these strongholds provide shelter towards their troops. Voidglass gates are utilised to allow quick access to fellow units in other planes.


According to myth and old texts, the CEP Alliance came to be shortly after the Tri-Realm War ended. When Fasma turned the elemental chaos into the pillar planes, the incursions didn't stop. Instead, the roots and branches of each plane got invaded by Demons and Angels alike, trying to use the realms as a backdoor.

Although many invasions got squandered, the outsiders adapted as well. The tactics of the planes were learned, and the invaders pushed through. Even the material plane struggled to fight them off.

That all changed when some of the leading figures of the elemental planes came together. Putting some grudges aside with one another, they formed an alliance together. Spanning across the Cosmic Hourglass, their united efforts allowed support across all realms.

The Void Incursion

I realised that day that Demons and Angels weren't the only invaders of realms. There was something there that didn't want order or chaos... It wanted nothingness.
— Mannesah Coppercore

However, their troubles arose when a third group's invasion happened from within. During the progress of transporting troops towards the Plane of Fire, a Voidglass gate collapsed. What came from it were an invasion of nothingness, taking over the stronghold at a rapid rates.

Only by forcing a second gateway through the first one did the rift seal itself shut. Yet, the damage caused by it led to a loss in the plane of fire. As such, safety measures became important, preventing another invasion from the Void itself.

We are the pillars that support this world

Founding Date
Alternative Names
Alliance of many worlds
Guardians of the Hourglass
Training Level
Veterancy Level

Internal Conflict

Not all conflicts come from other realms. Sometimes, each elemental plane has their own rebels trying to cause mischief elsewhere. As such, alongside dealing with the threats of Angels and Demons, CEPA also handles some runway Elementals on the sideline.

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12 Oct, 2020 12:40

I love the idea of the elemental planes uniting to protect each other! I'm also very unfamiliar with the lore of your world, but the threat of this Void is a really interesting one!

sending good vibes <3 - Author of Interarcanum and Shakiraverse