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New Player Guide

A Star Wars Shared Universe Game using Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars Roleplaying System

Tales from Nigita is a shared universe, cooperative play campaign using the Fantasy Flight Games version of the Star Wars RPG (Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, & Force and Destiny). The campaign begins in 35 ABY, shortly after the events depicted in Star Wars Episode IX: Rise of Skywalker.

Your characters are a group of mercenaries, scholars, entrepreneurs, prophets, or adventurers who have arrived at the central city known as The Hub on the planet Nigita. The Hub is a fully built city abandoned by the Final Order before they moved to Exogal. The fall of the Empire/First Order/Final Order has seen the BoSS (Bureau of Ships and Systems) restriction on the planet lifted and many citizens throughout the galaxy have arrived in order to seek their fortune among what Palpatine’s followers left behind on the mysterious planet.

Character Creation Rules

When coming up with a concept for your character, your guiding principle should be: If you cannot see them having a recurring role as a protagonist in The Mandalorian, it might not be a good choice for this campaign. Characters should be heroic in nature.

First and foremost, we expect our players and GMs to have a copy of the Fantasy Flight Star Wars RPG Core Books, of which the Force & Destiny book is the most up-to-date. We also expect you to own the sourcebooks you use for your character. Although we have quick reference guides available to help with most-often-used rules, supporting the authors & publishers is essential to the game's continuation.

Players should steer away from concepts that are likely to cause inter-party conflict (dark side characters, First Order/Imperial Remnant characters, silly/non-thematic concepts, etc.)

Session rewards consist of credits (900-1100Cr usually 10XP per session (to a maximum of 50XP/month and Duty towards a selected faction. Contacts, equipment and other rewards are also sometimes given out, but any salvage/gathered gear/vehicles from defeated enemies are expected to be delivered to the mission’s originator unless the GM specifies otherwise.

Player & GM Resources

We have created a number of essential resources for playing and running in the campaign, copies of which can all be found in our Star Wars Tales from Nigita Resources Google Drive folder:


There are four major factions that the PCs will be working for and earning Duty ranks from:

  • Republic Remnant (inc. the Vigil (medical & refugee services), Fuel Rats (red cross/AAA)
  • Independents (Corporate Sector, independent worlds & organizations) (inc. Onderon Protectorate)
  • Scum & Villany (Hutt Cartels, Crimson Dawn, etc.) (inc. Illip Kajidic, a Hutt-run technology think tank)
  • Harmonium Council (Force Sensitives)

Each time you reach 100 Duty with a faction, you may be rewarded depending on the faction involved and the GM’s review of your request. See the Duty Guide for more information.

House Rules

We use the following house rules in the game (and reserve the right to add others if they become relevant):

  • Cover may increase defense, but only to a maximum of 4.
  • No autofire on 1 advantage.
  • Free advantages and successes from any source only happen if you succeed on the rolled check.
  • Characters can benefit from no more than 1 instance of Skilled assistance and 1 instance of Unskilled assistance.
  • Precision Strike may not be used to choose the same critical result more than once in an encounter.

XP Calendar

Note: These numbers do not reflect the 50xp bonus gained from not having a lightsaber.

MonthXP StartXP End
Jan 202050100
Feb 2020100150
Mar 2020150200
Apr 2020200250
May 2020250300
Jun 2020300350
Jul 2020350400
Aug 2020400450
Sep 2020450500
Oct 2020500550
Nov 2020550600
Dec 2020600650
Jan 2021650700
Feb 2021700750
Mar 2021750800
Apr 2021800850
May 2021850900
Jun 2021900950
Jul 20219501000
Aug 202110001050
Sep 202110501100

Sample Character XP
w/o Lightsaber
Jan 2020160210210260
Feb 2020210260260310
Mar 2020260310310360
Apr 2020310360360410
May 2020360410410460
Jun 2020410460460510
Jul 2020460510510560
Aug 2020510560560610
Sep 2020560610610660
Oct 2020610660660710
Nov 2020660710710760
Dec 2020710760760810
Jan 2021760810810860
Feb 2021810860860910
Mar 2021860910910960
Apr 20219109609601010
May 2021960101010101060
Jun 20211010106010601110
Jul 20211060111011101160
Aug 20211110116011601210
Sep 20211160121012101260

Characters are created with
  • 45 earned XP.
  • 5 additional XP (for a total of 50) if they submit a background of at least 3 paragraphs but no more than one page in length to:
    [email protected]
  • 50 XP per month on the first of each month following January 2020. (See XP Tables.)
  • Characters may choose between starting with a standard lightsaber or a one time boost of 50xp.
  • One free additional specialization.
  • A datapad, comlink, and 5000 (1 months worth of standard play) credits to work with a GM to purchase armor, weapons, and additional items of rarity 5 or less.
  • Force sensitive characters must choose an Emotional Strength/Weakness. These do not provide XP or credits.


Cover image: Tales from Nigita World Codex Cover by W.Morgenthien


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