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Clan Chief

What is a Clan Chief?

Written by jbmcgraw

Homeworld lives under a clan system similar to ancient Scotland. When people first arrived, they had to follow the orders of the ships' captains in order to successfully deploy equipment and set up their lives. This order of following the captain and then his officers below him evolved into a clan system that is ruled by a limited democracy. The role of captain became the Clan Chief and was in ultimate control of the entire clan. He could be voted out by those who had earned the right to vote at an interval selected by the particular clan. The Clan Chief has the responsibility of protecting and empowering his people through diplomacy and warfare.


While there are no specific qualifications to become a Clan Chief, none of the clans have ever elected a chief who hadn't proved themselves to be invaluable to his people. Some have been great warriors, others have been brilliant academics, but they all have shown themselves to be a capable and loyal leader throughout a long career.


While the rank of chief is not passed through heredity, anyone who puts their name up for consideration must be at least a second-generation member of the clan they hope to lead, born at least one year after their parents becoming members themselves. This prevents the loss of clan lands and power to silver-tongued nomads.


In a ceremony known as The Vaunting, the Mothers' Circle bestows the title upon the new chief. This ceremony is a reminder to the chief that his rank has been given by the people and may be taken away as well. It also shows how important family is to their culture.


Duties include diplomacy with other clans, head of military, protector of his/her people, supreme judge of criminal courts, and economic policy.


Benefits are primarily limited to pretige and authority. By design it is not possible to become rich through the title. The system assures that the only men/women who are elected are those who truly have the clan's interests at heart.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Whenever a new chief is elected, a custom built set of power armor is given to them. It is the same type worn by a branch of that clan's special forces, but it has extra stylistic elements to set the chief apart from others.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

If the Mothers' Circle feels that the chief is not acting in the interest of the people, then they can convene a special council to decide whether or not to remove and replace the leader. The special council varies from clan to clan, but typically consists of both military and civilian leaders along with historians to provide historical context to the situation.

Nobility, Non-hereditary
Source of Authority
Elected by members of clan who have earned right to vote and empowered by the Mothers' Circle.
Length of Term
Varies from one clan to the next, typically ranging from two to ten years.
Reports directly to
Mothers' Circle

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