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Rewyn Gallowist

Rewyn and his brother Viks set out from their humble community of Homestead looking to make something of their lives. They had hopes, aspirations and a desire to start families of their own.   That never came to pass.   They were attacked by a pair of griffons while operating a coach between Ghal Pelor and Beldon. Viks was killed and Rewyn's life was saved by the most unlikely of people... the passengers of the coach he was hired to operate. They turned out to be men and women of great courage who fought for something no one else did, hope. The hope for a better future for Tairos and the people that called it home.   Though he lost a brother that day he found something that they'd both been looking for all their lives. A true calling and a way to make a difference.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Very quick, agile, healthy and handsome

Body Features

Tanned skin, curly hair and physically fit

Facial Features

short curly hair, thick eye brows, soft features

Special abilities

Dark Vision

Apparel & Accessories

Prefers colorful clothing when not adventuring, otherwise he chooses whatever gear suits the mission

Specialized Equipment

Spears, daggers, short sword

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Rewyn and his brother are the first sons to a mother and father that were part of the original survivors of the Queen's War. As children his parents were given over to the people of Ghal Pelor to protect while his grand parents went to the front lines to defend more fleeing gnomes from the Sahuagin and Fae onslaught.   Rewyn and his brother Viks were raised by their loving parents and given every possible advantage along with their sister Beda. The two brothers grew up on the tales of old gnome heroes and those stories inspired both brothers to leave home and set out for the big city of Ghal Pelor.   Sadly, Viks would die several months into their adventure. He was killed by a griffin on the roads outside the city but Rewyn would be saved by the heroes of the Seward Estate. He now works along side them as a mercenary and hero.


Straight male


Only basic education learned in the elementary school in Homestead

Accomplishments & Achievements

Setting out on his own with his brother Viks

Failures & Embarrassments

The loss of Viks to a Griffin

Intellectual Characteristics

Aware, curious, altruistic, helpful, courageous

Morality & Philosophy

That the weak need to be protected, no one should be allowed to take advantage of others, people deserve better than the world as it currently is


To betray a friend, to look the other way when an injustice is happening, to let the law get in the way of what is right

Personality Characteristics


Live up to his brother's expectations

Likes & Dislikes

Likes-Legends and myths, acts of heroism, pastries and celebrations   Dislikes- Cowards, Griffins


Rewyn enjoys being outdoors and active. He bathes when he can but is often three or four days away from his last wash


Religious Views

He enjoys the stories of the gods Galadir and Atel greatly. He also has a fondness bordering on reverence for the goddess Tatayne thanks to his friend Sandig.

Social Aptitude

Rewyn is outgoing, confident and enjoys telling stories

Hobbies & Pets

Rewyn is used to farm life and is very fond of many of the animals that can be found in the stables and fields. Especially chickens.

Wealth & Financial state

Though Rewyn has no personal wealth his parents are well to do by Homestead standards and his sister Beda owns a bakery there as well.
Dark Blue
Known Languages
The Common Tongue, Gnomish
"I don't know what it means, saving people like we do. I don't know if anyone notices or if it makes a difference in the long run. But, in the moment, it's all worth it. That's what I live for now, that moment where giving your all really matters. Hero stuff."


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