Philosophy of the Embracers

Undeath is the Next Evolution   The origins of this rare and often shunned belief are easy to trace. It comes from fragmentary lore brought north by Baradradi traders and merchants. The Silent War and the Lich King of Skyrir became eagerly absorbed stories told by these exotic southern travelers. These popular tales would eventually become the basis for the philosophy of the Embracers.   Tairos is becoming increasingly hostile and Embracers believe the only way to survive is to embrace death and return. They are fascinated by stories of vampirism, liches, The Plague of Undeath and Necromancy. The wealthiest and most dedicated among them will travel the land seeking the means to embrace undeath fully and join the ranks of the dead.   Most do not make it far. The commonly held belief among them is that after dying and rising again the petty concerns of mortal life are washed away and a new higher consciousness begins. Those devoted enough to actually find a potential undead patron briefly come to realize that mortal life is meaningless. This mistake is not one they have to live with for very long.


Embracers have very little organization beyond the local setting. They operate on a group by group basis with the only binding factor being that they all believe undeath is ideal next stage of existence

Public Agenda

Convince others to explore undeath, accept it and to help pursue means of conversion


Varies based on each group


The origins of this philosophy come from ancient fragments of Skyrir teachings that made their way north over the centuries.
Religious, Cult


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