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Archapeligan (Archian)

The Archians are a more straight forward people than their main land cousins: they have bronze skinned, blue or grey eyes, dark brown and black or pure white hair, and are much taller than any other humans known, standing at around 6’5 on average. Although they are seen as savages in the west, they are more cunning and empathetic than any king for 250 year.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Names ending in vowels are all feminine, such as Ava, Ella, Daisie and Maja.

Masculine names

Names ending in N, R, and S all are masculine, such as Ethan, Malkar or Thoros

Unisex names

Names ending in T and P, and names beginning with B and C

Family names

the Family name dictates the first name. Every first name must end with the same letter as the surname, e.g Thoros Odeyes


Major language groups and dialects

Archian Common Inferred Relaxed Orcish

Shared customary codes and values

People here have learned to survive the harsh environments, resilience and courage are kings here. Across all the people, dedication to your goals, however good they may be, are respected.

Art & Architecture

There is not much traditional art here, as many of it was burnt along with the main Castle of Rhemys after the BlackFyre Rebellion. Instead, many books are used to detail the islands’ vast history, from the travelling of the Wyverns to the day Lord Ethan was born, every thing has been recorded.   Architecture is usually stout and thick, to protect from the harsh environments, and made out out of stone and rich pasted in order to make them last as long as they can: there aren’t enough resources to go on forever.

Common Taboos

A family member killing another family member, and the same for adultery Eating meat in front of the farmer who raised the animal is seen as selfish and rude, and speaking before a lord is punishable by death.

Common Myths and Legends

The Chaining Of Archan The Siege Of The Wyverns The Good Lord Aaron

Historical figures

The Blackfyres- the ruling humans of the islands, with only one non-bastard descendant left: Ethan Iran’s Of the Black Cove.


Beauty Ideals

Beauty is defined by hair: hair never fades naturally on the islands, and so taking care of it shows dedication and purity; it must never be cut, only stuffed into a bun.

Gender Ideals

Women are taught to be hunters or archers, men fight on warships or on foot.

Courtship Ideals

In order to win a maiden’s favour, you must place a stone upon her hand: if the stone turns green, then she is a match. If it stays the same colour, it is not meant to be, and if it turns blue, then you would be toxic to each other.

Relationship Ideals

Relationships are almost yin and yang like; every act of love deserved another act of love, and the women must provide money and food whilst the man takes care of the home and his battle training.

Major organizations

The House Of Irane The Bank Of Golden Swords The Brine Of The Storm

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