The second rise

  When the steam engine was invented in what would one day be named Grayburn, many in the lands rejoiced at the innovation and the progress it would bring. And indeed at first an industrial revolution came, with many rising to fame and riches as they managed to seize wonderful opportunities. It didn't take long for the areas to grow closer together, eventually becoming one large region that finally received its name. Yet the revolution came to an end at the very hands of those that had benefited most from it...   Over time, Grayburn's development came to a halt, as society became obsessed with itself and the upper class found image more important than continuing technological development. And so they turned inwards, keeping each other in place, as the cities grew more gray with the day and the poor slowly began to suffer, only the aid of The Gray Church managed to keep people going.   But even stagnation cannot last forever. A new generation began to rise, of Industrialists seeking to advance their world, even if it came at the cost of their place in the old ranks. And they were not the only ones seeking to oppose the Conventionalists, as soon they formed an alliance with the Graycloaks and the Alchemist Union. Their main goal: To discover new technologies and new lands, so that they could help society advance. And another goal: Developing the means to defend themselves against whatever possible threat may await outside their borders...


  • Grayburn Region
Grayburn has eight large coastal cities, each supplied by many towns and villages. Supplies are delivered by railroads, rivers and sea. Natural barriers prevent railroads between almost all cities, forcing them to depend on steamships for intra-city transport. Only the north coast and south coast are connected by railroad, and even then a large detour is required. Large forests are grown and harvested to complement limited coal supplies. Crops and livestock supply sufficient food for the cities, while mountain mines provide metal ore.

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