The Tidal Charts of Synergasia Part 1


  The tidal charts are lists of days and times of day informing when a tide will happen and what type it will be. How you use them is open to however you wish to interpret them.  


  I have made the times of day vague in order to allow for variances in regions or writer choice. These times of day are what I plan to use for my region and can be whatever you wish:   Dawn the rising of the sun   Morning the time of day between dawn and highsun   Highsun the time of day when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky   Dayfall the time of day between highsun and dusk   Dusk the setting of the sun   Deepnight the middle of the night  


  These are the types of tides I will be using within the charts. Though most of these are only the natural phenomina of tides, you can very easily alter them as you see fit.   Ebbtide this is when the seas move away from shores and out to sea. The waters on shore will recede, revealing part of the sea floor   Lowtide this is the lowest ebbtide of the day   Flowtide this is when the seas move back to the shores covering the seafloor the ebbtide had revealed   Hightide this is the highest flowtide of the day   Riptide this is a strong tide that pulls most things in it out to sea. It can also pull small things, like people underwater. This is very dangerous for those who are not sea dwellers and often leads to drownings   Surgetide this a strong tide that rushes back in to shore pushing things in it into the shore and often leaving it stranded. Those on the seafloor when it rushes in can be knocked over, rolled along the sea floor, and driven up onto shore   Crimson Tide this is a deadly tide hurling out to sea strong enough to pull large things like boats or even ships under the water... or it can be something else entirely   Monster Tide this is a deadly surgetide that comes in like a tidal wave... or it can be something else entirely   Eventide when all the tides during a day are the same size ... no hightide, no lowtide   THE CHARTS AND HOW TO USE THEM   The tides take seven years to repeat themselves on Synergasia. I have made a chart for each year. There is, however, one special chart called Rogue Tides. This chart happens every 21 years with the double solar eclipse.   If you just want a simple chart use year one and every 21 years the Rogue Tides chart.   If you want to fully use the charts, use all 7 yearly charts three times to cover 21 years. Replace the last 7th year chart with the Rogue Tides chart for year 21.   Finally, the charts are not divided into weeks or months, but simply clumps of days when the tides are the same.


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