The city furthest south of all of Grayburn's cities, located next to the evergreen rainforest. Given its proximity to the jungle, it is well-guarded and constructed to keep the people safe from nearby wildlife.


Its original stakewalls have long since been replaced with a severely layered structure. Three moats surround the city. The outer moat is supplied by the river, keeping it water-filled. The second is a soft slope down, then a staked steep slope up. This moat is hard to oversee, so is avoided even during the daytime. The third is near the walls, wide and steep on both sides. The walls contain a lot of houses, with extremely small peekholes that are barred to prevent any form of intrusion. The walls are twenty paces wide, to give guardsfolk all the room they need to deal with any predator that sneaks past the moats. Inside the walls, rope nets with bells cover another twenty paces, so that predators will trigger alarms if infiltrating. Then follows an open area of a hundred paces. A second wall then surrounds the main interior district.
Large city


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