Deepwood Fortress

Located deep in the rainforest, Deepwood Fortress depends on its river to trade with other settlements. A large wall and moat protect it against hostile wildlife, with the wall permanently walled to make sure no predators can sneak in. These defensive measures and its location have earned this town its name.   Due to its climate and hostile environment, the Conventionalists hate the entire area and only send their family members here as punishment or training. This has allowed the Industrialists to get a strong foothold here, allowing them to freely their test construction techniques and weaponry. Since 334 SY, the only members of the upper class and middle class in Deepwood Fortress are all in league with the Industrialists, and nearly half of them are members of the Exploration Alliance.   Since 332 SY, Emmett Pleasant Latimer has been leading expeditions into the rainforest. Since 335 SY, the Deepwood Fortress walls are armed with aircannons.
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