Common Eterna Imperio Phrases

Three of the most common phrases one will hear used when they come into the populated areas of the desert nation have quite simple, and almost self explanatory stories behind them, suited to the areas in which they originated.  
The first of these is 'Making Bread Out Of Sand'
This is typically used when someone is trying to do something they know won't succeed, but try anyway. Some more common examples are children trying to filch a Kakto Flower Fruit from under their parents' watchful eye, or an apprentice blacksmith who is trying to hammer out a shape without having heated the metal to a hot enough degree. This is more of a reminder for the other person to think about what they're doing rather than a chastisement or a means of demeaning another for making a silly mistake.
As always, the mother's sharp eyes caught those little fingers reaching out, straining to reach the flower fruit just out of reach. "Tsk tsk tsk," She makes a sound, alerting her wayward child that they'd been caught, "You know you're making bread out of sand young one. Ask first yes?" There's an apologetic mumble and a soft question only she can really hear. With a sigh she retrieves the flower fruit and hands it to her child, the gleeful giggle indicating the pleasure of the child as they toddled off with their prize.
The second of these is 'Cleaning With Mud'
This is typically used when whatever action you're taking is only a temporary bandage for the problem at hand, one that very well may come undone even if it looks good for a short period of time. This is most often used in terms of when one is panicking over making something look good, often one's home when they're expecting guests, or when trying to impress a trade partner or potential suitor. This is particularly culturally relevant due to the makeup of most buildings in the desert area.
He glanced sideways as his brother frantically began carrying all of their spare odds and ends out to the loft in the barn behind the house. There was quite a bit of exasperation, and amusement, as he watched his brother hurry to and fro, tucking things here and there out of sight and hopefully out of mind until his brother's intended had come through. "You know you should just cease cleaning with mud, and actually do something about those right?" He remarked as his brother swept past with another arm full of miscellaneous items.

The third of which is 'Throwing Rocks At A Mountain'
This is typically used when whatever one is doing is so pointless that it's comedic in nature. Some comedic examples would be when someone attempts to bail water from a sinking ship with a small bowl, or trying to break apart a man-sized boulder with your bare hands. This can also be used to warn someone off of doing something a little less silly, but still comedic in nature such as trying to woo a potential partner while heavily buzzed, or attempting to persuade a particularly stubborn desert mule into doing something it doesn't want to do.
There was a snort from one of their drinking buddies as they staggered to their feet and turned, gathering their courage both liquid and mental, to go after the beautiful bar maid just across the room. "Throwing rocks at a mountain again are we?" The bartender asked as they swaggered past the bar, the man smirking and knowing that they'd soon be rejected by the fair, but choosy, maiden in short order. It was quite the useless endeavor, but they didn't quite seem to get that through their head when they went drinking.


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