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Nations: Lastreach

Forgotten Settlement turned Military Junta
  Alignment: LE, LN Tendencies
  Capital: Bulwark
  Notable Settlements: Sea Gate, Iron Cove
  Ruler: Provost Marshel Marcus Blackwall, assited by the Iron Council
  Government: Military Junta
  Languages: Common, Paladian
  Religion: Ragnorsis (State Religion)
  Lastreach is one of the three nations born of the last Migration across the Terigoth, alongside New Serrous and Haven. Unlike its two sibbling Lastreach was born out of disenfranchised Paladian noblity eager to build their own national identity, claiming they were building a fortress colony to stabilize the Orcish raiders of the region. For much of its Early History Lastreach (Once known as The Western Reach or the Reach Coast) was not overly remarkable a self suffient kingdom with a typeical fuedal rule. They had conflicts with but would ultimately subdue and force out the Orcish tribes stabilizing the Reach Coast.

This changed when the landshatter spell errupted shattering the Terrigoth and creating the broken Isles. Lastreach's population watched as massive tidal waves shattered their capital city and cost countless lives. The surviving nobility fled into their manors and keeps greedily hoarding supplies for themselves while their people were forced to face the aftermath of an apocalypse head on alone. Anger grew and soon elements of the Military and the Clergy of Ragnorsis joined forces with the commoners of Lastreach. Nobles, landed knights, anyone with a pedigree and was unwilling to give up their noblity and give their possessions to the cause were overrun by this new force lead by soliders of common birth. Some were dragged out of their homes and given summery military trials for crimes against the people, others had weights chained to their necks and were thrown into the sea with claims that they had failed their divine right as nobles and had to be given to the gods to prevent more destruction. In the end every noble in Lastreach was put to death with only those willing to abandon their noblity and their wealth surviving the bloody insurection.

To this day the people of Lastreach look their military as saviors, protectors and avengers most whole heartedly giving their very best and taking pride in feeding and providing support for the Miltary Council lead by the Provost Marshal. Lastreach is harsh to outsiders and its judical system is coldhearted and brutal. Favortism, loopholes and backstabing are all punished with such extreme measures that even the most ambitous of Reachfolk are terrfied into falling in line. Reachfolk reward success and loyalty and being caught displaying disloyal qualaties to gain power is often a sentence worse then death.

For most outsiders Lastreach is seen as a dangerous region to visit its people harsh, proud and quick to side with their military and legal system above such concerns as sympathy or freedom. Most travlers even merchants tred into Lastreach very carefully as a mistep could see them detained, searched, questioned or arrested due to one of the labyrinthan laws, bylaws or protocals observed by Lastreach. It is said if the goverment wants to make you disapear in Lastreach they have a law somewhere that will allow them do so and save legal face.

Ultimately Lastreach prides themselves on discipline, their military might, fair treatment of their working class. A will of Iron, a heart of ice and a the strength to stand together against the world unite the people of Lastreach and cheers that deafen the streets as military parades march with hundreds of well trained hobnailed boots in perfect order is a sound of growing terror to many other nations of the Western Terrigoth.
NOTES: Slavery is illegal, forced labour is controled by the goverment, many of people in forced labour camps are criminals or people the goverment wanted to disapear.

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