The Withering King of Corruption

(a.k.a. The Withering King)

Beneath It All sits a dark god. Sealed from the physical plane of Tikor he lurks, waiting for his moment.




The End Bringer

It’s hard to imagine any sentient being would willingly create an entity as maleficent as Xavian. If a supreme deity had such power why construct something so destructive? This line of speculation has caused many on Tikor to believe the sinister god came from something else, from somewhere else. That perhaps, for example, the Withering King was born from an unnatural set of cosmic events. A number of researchers have even suggested its conceivable Xavian appeared from the void itself or, more absurdly, created at the heart of a Black Hole. Ultimately though the origins of Xavian are just as unclear as they are for the creation goddess Ishvana. But while the inhabiters of Tikor celebrate Ishvana for her strength and kindness, Xavian is a dark cloud that hangs over the world, ready to rain cruelty on the globe at any moment’s notice. A mighty essence that seems to revel in devouring the cosmos.


A New Toy

The various creation myths totally agree on one thing, Xavian was waiting for the next world to destroy. He was seemingly content to drift among the cosmos until the smell of something pure caught his senses. One day, an eon ago, Tikor was the scent that caught the dark one’s senses. The creation of the planet had been so successful for Ishvana that the waves of positive energy beamed its success across the galaxy, a grand and joyous beacon to the universe about what was possible. Xavian received that message loud and clear, and the corruption master came to Tikor to tear apart it at the seams while slowly savoring each step. The newly formed Tikor was his new target, an unfamiliar toy for him to play with. Xavian wanted to rip apart Tikor, corrupting the world’s core bit by bit.

Do you think knowing about this will help you? Does truth protect you from the Lion? Can you defend your throat with the thin shield of Knowledge? Can You?
— whisper

God vs. God

When the dark god arrived at the freshly created Tikor, he liked what he saw. The Creation goddess Ishvana stepped in to defend the planet. For mortals, it’s hard to imagine a battle between the titanic powers that are Divine Entities. The way deities such as Cadmus have explained, it’s like a fight between pure elements, two colossal storms heading toward each other with frightening power. Perhaps Xavian had the edge in the fight. For him, there was nothing to protect. He didn’t have to split his attention, he could be singular like a spear. By its nature corruption is slow, steady and effective. So the wicked lord exemplified all those things, holding his own against his cosmic rival while waiting for an opening: the moment when Ishvana would be required to try to handle two fronts. When it finally did appear, The Withering King sprung into action, setting off a chain of events that would be etched into Tikor.


Corruption's Power

A battle between equal powers often ends in stalemate or worse, the death of both participants. Xavian didn't desire mutually assured destruction, the corruption deity has a stronger will than that. Instead, the opportunistic entity seized the first opening he had, swiping a cosmic hand at the planet. His aim wasn’t destruction though, it was a simple abduction instead. The Elementals of Tikor had piqued his interest since he had arrived at the planet. The raw bundles of personified elements made for an excellent canvas for him to paint his horrors. No one on the planet knew what powers Xavian had, but they would soon see. The Withering King thrust the Elementals into a second sun of his own making, Adume. Entrapping them in the womb of a pulsating star, one which warped and changed the Elementals with its foul energies. When the prison suin cracked a time later, it wasn’t primal spirits of Tikor that came out. Instead, it was winged horrors that the world would come to know as Dragons.

Xavian Midbanner
Jagged by Kevin Hou

Artist Impression of Beneath It All


Sealed Beneath

Xavian surely meant for his twisted dragons to tip the battle in his favor, and at first, they did. The party of dragons descended on Tikor, causing destruction everywhere they went, doing untold damage to the fledgling planet. But, the master of decay had underestimated how deeply Tikor had imprinted itself on the Elementals. The former earth elemental turned dragon, Ryuujin, would betray Xavian after the world itself seemed to call to him. The betrayal tipped the balance toward Ishvana, but it wasn’t enough. Xavian himself is corruption, and his very presence near the world was having an effect. The theft of the Elementals only tilted the balance that much more. Animals of all kinds were birthing abominations, the weather was changing. Xavian was pushing the world toward the brink just by existing. Ishvana made a desperate sacrifice in order to save her planet. She bonded with the very Etherforce force that flows through Tikor. She used it to force a barrier across Tikor, sealing Xavian in a separate dimension.


Alone in a Void

Divine Entities are beings of supreme power. Ishvana's actions were something the dark lord would never consider, and so he wasn’t able to see the war ending move to come. Trapped on the other side of a dimensional mirror, he could only watch as his invasion was thwarted. The Wretched Ones were dispatched one by one, most of them by being sealed in tombs around the world. His corruption waned as his influence was cut off. The monsters he had inadvertently spawned were hunted down. The seal that held The Withering King is of unparalleled power. For a time that was the end of Xavian. His name faded from the mouths of man. He was no longer the ever-present danger, with his presence sealed he was forgotten. Perhaps even the Divine themselves forgot about the Master of Decay as their focus shifted to the struggles of the planet. His silence wasn’t a sign of his defeat though. It was a sign of his eternal patience, as he just waited for his chance.

You sit in your homes and think you're safe. Do you feel safe? Do you sleep sound at night? Or do you worry? Do you wonder? Does my name ring out mind after a nightmare?
— whisper

Tear in the Wall

They say a space is only a prison when a person gives up. Xavian isn't a person, and he doesn't give up. The empty space of void was nothing at first. It only held Xavian. And that was Ishvana's mistake in her sacrifice. In the same way that The Withering King had underestimated Ishvana and her resolve, so had she and his decaying presence. Tikor was protected completely from his influence, his touch and his power. The realm he was trapped in was not. So while the world forgot about him, Xavian molded the space into his own palace of corruption. As Tikor's guardians and heroes dispatched his creatures, accidental or not, those malignant energies needed somewhere to go. Tainted with his presence, his ether, they couldn't return to the great Etherforce stream that Ishvana had bonded with. That energy needed somewhere to go, the cycle had to be completed. So it was drawn toward the one place similar to it and accepting of it. Xavian's realm was that place. The dark place Beneath It All. As man tinkered with life's forces the mistakes would punch microscopic holes in the wall. Not a breach of the seal, but a cosmic loophole.


The Long Game

Each poke from a botched spell or cosmic event is a window for Xavian. He whispers to Tikor from the peepholes through the veil, exploiting the ignorance of anyone who foolish enough to listen. It's unclear what his plan is, but the rate of Xavian's Touch increases with each year. Each infection becomes a possible vector point for the fiercesome voidbeast, Raksha. Spirit Medium warn that Raksha and the touch aren't the only methods he has. Just because the world hasn't heard about other methods doesn't mean they don't exist. Corruption never sleeps, Xavian never sleeps. There are talks of cults bubbling up in the corners of Garuda . The dead congregate in the wastelands of the Ebon Cascade. A Dark Spiral looms deep in the waters of The Grand Divide. The fallout from the Genesis Explosion and the death of Mime still, reverberate throughout Tikor. The gods can die, yet Xavian seems to remain. The balance of the world seems uneven. Only two things are certain. Xavian is patient and corruption is slow. We have yet to see his full plan.


The Agents of Chaos

The Wretched Ones

The Wretched Ones Banner
Demon by Chris Cold
The first creations of Xavian are still the most infamous. The exact number of dragons created is unclear. The Elementals were a primordial force, some known, some unknown. Yet all The Wretched Ones were defeated in the ancient battle for Tikor. Or at least, that's what the gods say. If all of these great dragons are sealed, will they remain secure? If one besides the traitor Ryuu-jin exists, why haven't we heard from them? If they are free, what could they be doing?

Xavian's Touch

Beneath It All Banner
by Kevin Hou
The combination disease and curse is a sickness that can never be eradicated. When times are hard, humans can't help but fall low. Where the mind is in dismay and the defense from the god's wane, the Touch is nearby. The odds of a person falling into Raksha possession are infinitely small,yet just the threat is enough to cause towns to alienate any individual thought to have it. Xavian's Touch keeps the dark god in the mind of humans, which in a way, only leads to more infected.


It's unclear where the awesome beast of horror came from. Researches and Hekan users both say the creatures are supernatural. Though the known Raksha events are so rare that history can give no enlightenment, all that is known is that they bend to Xavian's will. Where there is the Touch there is always the distant threat of these bloodthirsty monsters. The most disturbing thing about the Raksha is that seem to have no real abilities, only a strength and viciousness that's unmatched.

Cults of Decay

Ebon Cascade cover
Dusk by Kevin Hou
No government on Tikor will admit to having Xavian cultist in their mist. And history tells of the gore-soaked conclusion that was the first, and last, Cult of Xavian. But mankind is not one to learn from one bad outcome, and the voice of Xavian is a seductive one. It's ever possible that some don't know who they are in spiritual bed with. It's possible to be at the altar of a corrupting god and not even know it. One can only wonder what kind of havoc could be unleashed by unwitting human allies.

Divine Domains


Mental characteristics

Morality & Philosophy

Predator Morals

Most people assume that being aligned with Xavian means having no morals. This is far from the truth. Xavian himself has a sense of morals that can be seen through his curse and creations. You can only assume that being of that power would also have to ability to create life from Ether. Yet, he never does. He only takes, he only corrupts. His morals, the thing that defines him, is that of a predator. Never creating, only taking. When he couldn't take all of Tikor he didn't just give up, he instead settled on picking off the denizens of the world. Almost seemingly one by one.

Philosophy of One

The philosophy of the any who try to follow Xavian or fall to him is simple. It's selfishness in its purest form. It's about the single pursuit to satisfy yourself. From Raksha who drown themselves in the pleasure of rending flesh and shedding blood. The Wretched Ones each went to a place of their own choosing. Picking for themselves where they would spread their chaos. Each one set free to follow their own convictions. History has never spoken of those punished by Xavian. His agents do as they please. As Xavian has empowered to do. It's the ultimate philosophy of pleasing your own deepest and darkest desires. No matter the cost.




Towards Ryuujin





Towards Xavian




The Withering King stole the Earth Elemental and twisted it into the dragon Ryuu-jin. After being freed from his brainwashing, Ryuu-jin set out to undo all of Xavian's work. To say the dragon hates Xavian is an understatement.

Xavian Portrait
Xavian Concept by Chris Cold

Xavian, The Withering King

Don't Ever Say His Name

Words hold special meaning in most of Tikor. With the world so teeming with the supernatural, it causes the way some things are spelled. Cultures such as The Karu take the dark lord utterly serious. The land still carries the scars from his spawn. This deep pain has made addressing the subject very hard, as Xavian is a threat that is still very real. Because of this, saying his name out loud is all but illegal in Garuda. Not only will you become a social outcast, but many think you to be cursed as well.

Divine Classification
Dark God
Current Location
Beneath It All
Divine Entity
Circumstances of Birth
Where he came from and what created him is a mystery. As is the case with all Divine Entities. Their lifespans predate anything known to humans, making their origins a complete mystery.
Circumstances of Death
While not dead, Xavian is trapped in an incorporeal plane of existence. He has no corporeal body, but his essence is a persistent threat.
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The Gods are silent because they know they can do nothing. Ishvana's impotent children squander their greatest gift. My creations never waste their gifts.
— whisper

Cover image: Xavian by Chris Cold/Swordsfall Studios


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