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An Overview of a World in Flux

Welcome to the world of Tikor and the story of Swordsfall. The land within is one of wonder and at the same time, profound horror. On Tikor, you don't have to wonder if the gods are real, or if the legends are true, the proof is often within walking distance. For in this world, the gods live amongst the mortals they created. Though just as much as symbols of the people are alive, so are their nightmares. Just below the surface a source of corruption grander than anyone can fathom, lurks ever so silently, awaiting its grand moment. The bond between humans and their divine is more interwoven than mortals know, and the gods let on to.


The world is split almost entirely into two different halves, only connected by one piece of land, The Isle. With the world basically cut in twine, the various cultures and land developed quite differently. Tikor consists of the Northern Hemisphere, the Southern Hemisphere and The Grand Divide. On The Grand Divide sits a few independent nations that operate largely outside of the normal global cycle.


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A planet crafted directly on the lifecurrent, Etherforce, by the divine goddess Ishvana.

The legends depict an epic battle between the gentle creator of all, Ishvana, and the malignant symbol of corruption, Xavian. The tale of wonder and surface includes the birth of the Second Sun, the creation of Dragons and shattering of planes.

The Grand Divide

The Grand Divide
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The vast and dangerous ocean that wraps the globe and separates the land continent of Tikor.

The ocean doesn't just sit idly on Tikor, the water is alive and teeming with action. The Grand Divide is a sapphire arena full of hurricanes, lightning storms, typhoons, cryptic portals, buccaneers, kraken and more. To ride the seas isn't just a hobby, it's a way of life that can end at the bottom of blue.

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The Northern Hemisphere of Tikor is mostly forest climate, with the center part being the densest. The northernmost parts of the hemisphere are covered in snow cap mountains and down to southern beaches. From smelly swamps in the east to enormous sky-piercing mountains in the west.


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The grassland and forest region of northern Tikor. Home of The Divinity and The Karu.

The forest area of the north is named Garuda after the fiery phoenix deity that settled into the area. It is ruled by The Divine Order of the Phoenix, a devote order that was hand-picked by their gods, The Divinity.


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An isolated, godless region isolated by The Canopy and Enkai. Home to Heaven's Fall and Omicron

To the west of Garuda, almost hidden behind Enkai Mountains sits a land devoid of gods. Grimnest is an area, not a nation, as all the people are free to do as they wish. The Grimm are the people that call it home, as well as Omicron Technologies and several pirate factions.


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Located in the eastern corner of the Northern pensisula, Hawklore is the oldest country on Tikor. Thanks in no small part to its God King, Hawken

On the eastern edge of the northern region sits the small nation of Hawklore. While small in size it's an economic beast that's lead by the God King, Hawken. He formed the Nation of Hawklore to oversee his territory.


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The Southern Hemisphere of Tikor is almost solely an arid, desert region. The outer edges are extremely hot and almost inhospitable with the most western part of the hemisphere being devoid of normal life.


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The hot desert region of Southern Tikor

The vast portion of the livable desert area in the south is known as Vinyata. The Republic of Vinyata controls the area, a republic created by the defector dragon, Ryuujin.


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In the most southern part of the southern Tikor, sits a desert kingdom in turmoil. Ramnos has a new King, one which executed the former king, his own younger cousin.


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Independent nations sit on the waters of The Grand Divide, standing apart from the normal ceaseless struggle that the main countries indulge in. With the restless and tumultuous ocean keeping most at bay, these independent factions are largely left to themselves.

The Isle

The Isle
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The only true neutral country in the land and the tie between Northern and Southern Tikor.

An independent nation, well one that tries to be independent in the face of being the road that combines the world.

The Eras of Tikor

The world of Tikor is divided into three known Eras. Recorded history by humans can only go back to the beginning of the Divine Age. Though deities have often spoken about the dark and unknown time before then, simply dubbed The Divine Wars by many scholars.

  The Divine Wars (D.W) Unknown
Over 2000 years Ago
The dark and mysterious time period that predates man's written history. The deities don't often talk about it, but what humans do know is that there was much infighting. Some suggest the Dark Lord, Xavian was able to sway more than elementals to his side.

  The Divine Age (D.A) 2000 years
10 Years Ago
The Golden Age of human expansion. Most of the great nations formed around this time rallied around their respective deities.

  Age of Reckoning (A.R) 10 years
Modern Times
The current Era that started after the deadly world-changing events of The Day of Reckoning and The Longest Night.

Factions of Tikor

From God Kings to Pirates, Tikor is full of various factions and nations, either vying for control of land or freedom. A flag on Tikor doesn't just mean representing your nation, but also the principles, people, and deities that are woven in it.

Order of the Divine Phoenix Flag
The Divine Order of the Phoenix Official Flag

Vinyata Flag
Republic of Vinyata Official Flag

Hawken Flag
Nation of Hawklore Official Flag

Omicron Flag
Omicron Technologies Official Flag

Heaven's Fall Flag
Heaven's Fall Official Flag

Nyama's Crucible Flag
Nyama's Crucible Official Flag


Wait! Don't wander in that direction! No matter what you do, do click it! Don't listen to him! Wait! Come bac-




The Karu

The Karu
Ethnicity | Oct 23, 2019

Prideful artist and nature inclined architects , they make up the majority in Garuda and the Order of the Phoenix

Nature minded architects, The Karu have settled into Garuda and truly made it there home. Enormous monuments to their deities can be seen from miles away. A testament to their skill and faith.

The Lucomi

The Lucomi
Ethnicity | Oct 9, 2018

A semi nomadic culture on a search for their missing home

The See'er

The See'er
Ethnicity | Jul 1, 2019

A secretive culture revered and feared alike for their ability to read the future

The See'er are a secretive group of oracles that tend to keep to themselves in the northern mountain range of Garuda. Once a year thousands of people flock from around the world to hear their high ranking diviners predict the future.


The Dracon

The Dracon
Ethnicity | Oct 9, 2018

Descendents of Dragons located in Vinyata

The descendants of a rogue dragon, the Dracon are shunned by the North for transgressions they've never done. In the remote desert lands of Southern Tikor, they've established a life in domed cities.

The Grimm

The Grimm
Ethnicity | Sep 12, 2018

A culture of hard nosed farmers who honor the spirits of their family


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