Under the Gaze of a Second Sun, A Desert Land Awaits

The large central part of Southern Tikor and home to one of the great superpowers in the world. An unforgiving landscape with vast deserts and sandstorms, Vinyata is an adventure unto itself.




The Southern Side

Vinyata encompasses the entire eastern part of the southern landmass and runs west until it borders Ramnos and the Ebon Cascade. The bottom half of Vinyata is roughly split into the top half that is largely controlled by The Republic of Vinyata and the southern half merely referred to as The Outskirts of Vinyata. While the entire region is a hot desert, the southern part, The Outskirts, is exceptionally unforgiving. Vinyata is the homeland to the Dracon, Lucomi, and Wanderers, though only the Dracon originated from the area.


Under the Sun

The arid continents weather stems largely from the second sun beaming down on it. Distant enough to feel its heat and barely its light, the increase in temperature puts much of the land over the threshold. Draconian lore refers to the second sun as Adume, the desecrated star that birthed The Wretched Ones. For the Dracon, Adume and its heat is a double-edged sword, as their creator Ryuujin himself is one of the Wretched. While each culture has its own name for the second sun, the Dracon term has been the dominating one. Partly as a symbol of origins and a testament to how long the misaligned race has been in Vinyata. Over the millennia, each culture has chosen or learned a method to do with the conditions. The rest see the added sun as part of what makes the land uniquely beautiful but hazardous. The Dracon adapted to the weather by building the massive wonder know as The Web.


Wonder Web

There is often debate as to what is the first and greatest wonder on Tikor and the monster living enclosure known as The Web is always a top choice. Construction was started around the time The Republic of Vinyata was forming establishment at the beginning of the Divine Era. Taking almost 200 years to complete, the mega-structure is a weaving web of completely enclosed tracks and nodes. Each node housing a megacity, with the capital city, Ishgard, resting in the center of the webbing. Sixteen nodes were originally created, with a city arising under each dome. Only 12 of the original 16 still stand, with the most recent loss being The Eastern Node at the end of the Era. The cities themselves are interconnected by high-speed rail trains that allow citizens to travel from city to city without traveling in the elements. The majority of the Dracon population lives in The Web, though over the years more of the younger generation has begun to branch out.


Searching Party

Toward the edge of Vinyata is the area known as The Outskirts. The full power of the distant sun, Adume, can be felt the hardest in the area. This area, however, is where the Lucomi calls home for the most part. The large semi-nomadic tribe will travel into Vinyata and then back to the outskirts a few times a year. The tribal nation often journeys up to the western part of Vinyata that houses desert's version of a forest. A few times a year, their youth who have hit a mature age, are sent on a vision quest as a rite of adulthood. They also do this as to hear the word of their creator, Odu, and reclaim their lost city, Efai. The proud nation is more than capable of living in The Web or migrating elsewhere, but the land is just as much as their home as it can be an adversary.

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Nomadic Life

The third major civilization that calls Vinyata home are the enigmatic Wanderers. The origins of the nomadic tribe are unclear, though rumors suggest everything from Garuda all the way to the nightmare-scape Ebon Cascade. As the name implies, they wander from the Outskirts of Vinyata and up to The Isle in a yearly cycle. The Wanderers are known for their craft, art, and trade. Additionally, they are the primary source of camels, fuel, and provisions. While the Republic of Vinyata doesn't officially welcome in outside cultures, the Wanderers are a bit of an exception. Long ago when the Dracon were fiercely opposed by the North, the nomadic traders are often what keep them from perishing.


Border Relations

The western border of Vinyata is lined by Ramnos and the Ebon Cascade, natural borders to the desert nation. The eastern area known as the Yellowlands of Ebon Cascade shepherds the poisonous waters eastward. The raised plateau is lined with a series of toxic waterfalls and smooth but jaggy rockface that creates a logical stopping point. The plateau tapers off toward the north part where it meets the ocean. To the south, the plateau curves and clean water from the Divide flows up through the river, Hapy, that creates the border of Ramnos. With Ebon Cascade being devoid of any civilization, that leaves on Ramnos as true border nation. Ramnos throughout the eons has been a notoriously private country, with closed borders and very little migration. Due to this, relations between Vinyata and Ramnos are minimal and range from amicable to hostile.


Vinyata is, by and large, a hot desert region. Most of the land receives very little precipitation throughout the year. The Web was built near a large lake that comes from an underground spring. This is what has allowed The Republic to expand over the years, access to fresh water made sustaining a population much easier.

Huge sand drifts accumulate in the western parts of Vinyata, with the wind shoveling the sand up and down the desert. Most of the countryside is sand and little vegetation has managed to take hold in the most extreme.

Natural Resources

Saving Salt

Saving salt is a natural byproduct of evaporating water in dry basins and shallow lakes. While saving salt is produced everywhere, no area is able to produce the volume that Vinyata can. With its vast deserts and high heat, whole acres of salt flats exist. Additionally, many chefs attest that Vinyatian saving salts have an extra special flavor unique to the region.



While the first thought of a desert nation isn't water as a natural resource, it surprisingly is. The vast deserts of Vinyata hide many plateaus, basins, and lakes. Each one usually a vast source of clean, untouched water. With the problem being more to do with the additional sun than rainfall, these places tucked away from the sun are almost gold mines in themselves.



When you combine the heat of the area with the pressure of feet deep sand, oil has become a natural byproduct of the land. While not the most popular export, it's used around Vinyata for a variety of purposes. Usually, to fuel power drives and purification units, the fuel is cheaper than Azurean as no Crystal Priest is needed. With the desert being so unforgiving, the steadfastness of lamp oil can not be understated.



A unique type of sediment that's formed from the desert sands and the natural salt the ground produces. The two combined with other factors produce a type of sediment that acts as a growth accelerate for plants. The supersoil is one of the reasons why life is sustainable in the vast desert. Foliage and fauna in the area grow extremely fast once they've had a good rain. The absorbent but nutritious aspect of the material makes it of high demand all around the world.

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