The Wretched Ones

The first spirits became the first monsters

Once glorious elementals, after being abducted by Xavian, they were morphed into horrifying dragons.




Spirts of Tikor

When the planet of Tikor was first created, in its own way, it was alive. The Elementals are a direct reflection of the planet's will. Ishvana didn't create the aspects of nature rather they came from the world itself. Invokers often talk about the difficulties of channeling the basic properties of the world, a task easy on paper, harder in execution. It's almost hard to imagine a time where such invocation was effortless. The Elementals allowed for a level of freedom that made the creation period of Tikor so fruitful. Much debate continues to rage over whether the Elementals were a response to the world's growing or if they themselves were the ones responsible,much like ethereal gardeners tending to a garden.


Unknown Spirits

The number of Elementals is hard to ascertain despite their prominence in tales. The deities that will talk about this early period of history will admit that even they don't know of all the Elementals. The world was growing and changing at every moment, with new life springing up constantly. Humans untrained in the arts of Hekan often think of the elements when they hear Elemental. This is only part of the picture as these base elements like Fire and Water were elementals. But also Sky, Earth, Time, Gravity and others. For each inconceivable part and rule of Tikor, there was an Elemental. Together with Ishvana's children, they combined forces to build Tikor.

In some ways the period of growth for Tikor ended the day the Elementals were lost. It didn't destroy the world, as you can see, but it stunted its growth. There's no telling what things would have been like if we had power of that magnitude roaming the world.
— - Jalen of Ancient History

Abduction by Decay

None of the inhabitants of Tikor knew how much everything was going to change when Xavian arrived. The corrupting divine entity wasn't something that had even been dreamed of yet. No was prepared for the power that Xavian possessed, and Ishvana didn't have time to warn anyone. When The Withering King shifted his gaze to the planet and it's Elementals, they were all exposed. With a swipe of a cosmic hand, he abducted the budding lifeline of Tikor, it's Elementals. The corruption god's goal was simple, to steal the lynchpin of the fledgling world and corrupt it. The only thing he enjoys as much as destruction is corruption. Xavian crafted the second sun called Adume and encased the Elementals inside of its intense energies thus warping them into something else, something Xavian could control.


Birth by Adume

Adume was more than just a prison. It was an enormous cosmic oven that was baking the Primal energies into something different and foul. Some of the gods say that they felt the planet howl, seemingly aware of what was happening to it's children. Ishvana tried to release her planet's children from their cage but it was futile. Still locked in a cosmic battle, Xavian never let Ishvana interfere with his star's dark design. It's unclear as to whether she gave up or was just stalled long enough, but either way, The Elementals were lost that day. When the sun Adume split open, it was clear that nothing would be as it was before.


A Second Sun appeared over Tikor


Awakened as Monsters

When the second sun, Adume, cracked open, it revealed something horrifying. The Elementals were no more. In their place were now horrific and powerful dragons. Each of them monstrously sized and seemly ready for battle. Some with enormous wings and tails, others with razor-sharp fangs. Each of them changed from an innocent Elemental to a brutal Dragon. Beasts which would become known as The Wretched Ones. Their abilities as Elementals often fueled what their new and dark abilities were. Almost as an affront to what made them special on Tikor, it's what made them the planet's greatest enemies from that moment on. Whatever personality and essence the former Elementals had was gone now. The re-programming into thralls of Xavian had been a part of the dark energies of Adume. Now remade into soldiers of The Withering King, they had little choice but to follow his orders.


Descent on Tikor

What Xavian wanted of The Wretched Ones was simple, the destruction of everything keeping him from his objective. The gods and spirits of Tikor were in his way, their meddling along with Ishvana was only serving to slow him down. Xavian tired of this and sent his powerful, warped alterations back to Tikor. The orders were simple: destroy any who would stand in the way of the Corruption Lord. All who were connected to the Etherforce were his enemy. So The Wretched Ones set down on Tikor to decimate it, their very essence changing the world as they walked across it. The sun born brood fell to different parts of Tikor, taking on the world's defenders wherever they landed. However, the power of each Wretched One was overwhelming in its sheer ferocity. While the numbers were on the side of Tikor; with gods, spirits, and animals all gathering together to defend the planet, it wasn't enough to match the unfettered power of corrupted raw elements.

My brother especially doesn't like to talk about those days. Humans wouldn't understand it, the feeling of standing up to the rawness of nature. Feeling the weight and smelling the stench of its corruption. Every day I thought it would be our last, and it wasn't. Sometimes though, I think we would have welcomed it. Anything to make the endless fighting stop.
— Divinity of Wisdom, Mime
-during a somber sermon on eve of planet's birthday

The Betrayer

As the brood of dragons set to destroy Tikor's divine guardians, the difference in power came through with each fight. With The Elementals gone, replaced by their corrupted counterparts, the war was falling into Xavian's hands. However, in the Northern Hemisphere of Tikor, a pivotal battle would turn at the hands of betrayal. Ryuujin, the former Earth Elemental, was able to regain his memories and self through the connection to Tikor and the Phoenix Garuyda. With his old identity back, he betrayed his brood, joining Tikor in its defense. it was enough to halt the advance, pushing the victory further away from the dark god, but not completely out of his reach. Ryuujin's unforeseen betrayal had pushed the epic battle into a stalemate, one that would only last as long as the traitor dragon could hold the tide against two of his new brethren.


Source Disconnect

Locked into a stalemate that was in Xavian's favor, the Creation Goddess Ishvana would make a gamble. She gambled her life by sacrificing herself to the Etherforce itself. Giving up her essence to become one with life and Ether. As her last conscious act she enacted a barrier across Tikor, protecting it from the corrupting touch of Xavian. The barrier also trapped Xavian in a planar pocket, his own eternal prison. With Xavian sealed, The Wretched One's power faded. Since being corrupted, they couldn't recharge from the Ether around them. Ryuujin was able to function as he had been able to reestablish a weak link with the earth. The traitor dragon explained to the defenders of Tikor that the dragons couldn't be killed. The primal energies in them were too strong and volatile.


Sealed for Eternity

Since the great dragons were immortal, according to Ryuujin, the gods had to come up with a new plan. They decided that the only option was to seal the mammoth beasts away. Not an easy task, but one that had to be done to save the planet. The Wretched didn't just surrender to their fate, however. Even underpowered and magically restrained, the fearsome creatures caused significant harm to the ones who were performing the sealing rites. Howls rang across Tikor, the dark energies in the dragons still simmering despite having been cut off from their source. A few screamed out curses to their captors, one of them in a language no one had ever heard. It was as dark a day as it was joyous. The Wretched just go quietly into the night, they fought their fate every step of the way.

The Rogues

The term "Rogue Dragon" is used sometimes when referring to the traitor dragon Ryuujin. Lately, more and more people have been saying "The Rogues" as rumors spring of strange things happening. The exact number of Wretched never line up with the tales that have been passed down of creatures that sound like dragons. Strange occurrences happen that seem to line up with an ability of a Wretched One. Some had said that mammoth and violent creatures could never exist on Tikor and not be suspect. Many point out the Rogue Dragon himself as proof. After the war, the dragon was fairly quiet and then disappeared later on in life. If he could go missing, why not other dragons?

Garuda Midbanner
Dragon Vs. Phoenix by Unknown

A pair of Wretched face off agianst Garuyda


The Brood


Former Earth Elemental. Ryuujin betrayed his brood during the battle for the Tikor. He reconnected with the earth, causing his memories to come back. His whereabouts are currently unknown, he disappeared shortly after establishing the Republic of Vinyata.


Former Flame Elemental. Yobida was once the guardian of the flames, now his twisted dark flames melt anything they touch. Defeated by the combined efforts of Ryuu-jin, Garuyda, and her children The Divinity. Yobida is sealed in places unknown but few but Ryuujin.


Former Sky Elemental. Inkyaban once was the ruler of skies, showing the other creatures how to soar. Transformed into a winged horror of the skies, Inkyaban now controls the weather, making the skies unsafe for all. He was defeated by Ryuujin and Garyuda. He's sealed somewhere under Garuda.


Former Rain Elemental. Ayida'we is said to multi-colored with a twin personality that causes her appearance and color to change. When she was an elemental, the rainbow was her symbol. Now it is drowning waters and pulverizing hail.


Former Shadow Elemental. Grootslang was one of the oldest Primals when he was an Elemental. With enormous tusks that can cleave mountains, it's unclear where he's sealed. Some suspect the rumbling under Enkai is more than just the mountain god.


Former Iron Elemental. Uroborous was once the Iron Elemental, consuming and redepositing minerals through Tikor. After being unleashed on Tikor after his morphing, he set to consume the world's resources. He's sealed somewhere in the depths of The Grand Divide


Former Harmony Elemental. Masingi was once the Elemental that helped bring everyone together. Now Masingi is the bringer of chaos, the sound of his roar breaks down the minds of others. Weather and nature itself warp around him. Rumors say he was sealed in the Ebon Cascade.


Former Light Elemental. Apep was changed the most out of any Elemental. Once a vibrant expression of the sun is now the storm-bringer. Where he went, light faded and despair settled in. There is no real evidence as to whether or where he's sealed.

You think this is the end, child of Ishvana? Our dark father is only separated from us. Not gone. You don't have the power to end us, and you know it. Bury us away little ones. Forget about us. Celebrate this victory. It'll make it that much more satisfying to kill your children when we're released, for we are the true Immortals.
— Yobida
during his sealing ritual

Public Agenda

Death to all Gods

Their main agenda was clear from the beginning, the destruction of all spirits and gods in the world. Not in a just a general sense, they mean down to the last one. The prime directive from Xavian was clear, no more gods on Tikor. It's something that's no secret, the dragons themselves told the gods during the epic battle. While they didn't fulfill their objective, the sheer hatred they seem to carry for Ishvana's children is deep. Their's little doubt that if The Wretched Ones are ever unsealed that they'd continue their bloody campaign.

Corruption of the World

It's said that where the dragons descended wasn't random either. If the primary goal of the twisted group was just to kill all deities, then why not concentrate in the North? They had the highest concentration of gods at the time and would have been the optimal place to launch an assault. Yet they only sent three of the brood. The epic spirit mediums, the Mwadi, have spoken about how the world has Spirit Anchors. Points of concentrated Ether that are a highly guarded secret amongst high ranking Hekan users.


While the official word is that The Wretched Ones are all sealed away and gone. Many have questioned whether or not this is true. Given that there was an unknown number of Elementals and all of them were stolen, then the number of dragons is unknown as well.

So the question is, are all the dragons truly sealed or like Ryuujin could they be lying low somewhere?

The Wretched Ones Portrait
Ryuujin, former Earth Elemental by Jonah Lobe/Swordsfall Studios

The Wretched One, Inkyaban

I take what you love and savor the look on your face as a stain it. Ishvana's look was...delicious. Oh spawns of Ishvana, oh how I will enjoy your ruin.
— whisper

The Wretched want to destroy The Divinity

The Wretched Ones want to completely destroy each and every single one of the gods. That includes everyone in The Divinity.

Cover image: The Wretched Ones by Jonah Lobe/Swordsfall Studios


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