The WorldEmber

In the 2018th year of the WorldEmber, what changes will it bring?

A yearly phenomenon sweeps through the world of Tikor. What changes will its yearly fires bring?



The Worldember

The first question from the mouth of the young is, "What is WorldEmber?". It's a time that the old will only talk about during the fated winter month, it's burning wind seals their lips after it vanishes. The Worldember is an experience like none other in the land. The See'er say that there is more than just the single dimension Tikor perches on. In fact, they say there are thousands of other worlds. None quite like Tikor, but each one unique, amazing or terrifying in its own way. It's during the seasonal winds of WorldEmber that the gods themselves move and transmute the landscape of their creations, adding to its delights. Some worlds fantastic, some horrific, all of them crafted by their supreme being.

Battle of the Gods

The See'er state that the WorldEmber isn't just about change for the sake of it. The gods are not so petty. They do it for the favor and service of the very essence that the worlds are built on. The cold, hard and unforgiving surface where the supreme gods hammer thoughts into creation: The World Anvil. The pair of ethereal beings that called the World Anvil forth have called the supreme beings to challenge. Janet, the head of the Cult of the Onyx Matooke, and the divine architect of the World Anvil, Dimitris offered sweet ambrosia and bounty for the winners of their cosmic competition. They come to usher a decree for battles of creation, to strike the World Anvil for the course of a month in a race to fill the cosmos with life.

Badges, badges, badges....BADGES!
— TJ Trewin
-On WorldEmber

Message from the Dark Witch

The proof of this contest can be found in a message sent from the Dark Mistress Janet to other world creators.

What of Tikor?

Times during WorldEmber are tumultuous in Tikor . Creatures never seen before roam the lands, information long lost in history is often found by researchers, a world already vast seems to grow by bounds. For the listless traveler, checking with the locals and inquiring what the latest changes are. "Will the roads be safe tonight?" and enquire what the latest changes are. Denizens of the world hunker down in their homes and spin yarns of their own. The Saltiguine often recite stories of parallel worlds, fanciful tales of things impossible in Tikor. Over time books of these tales have been compiled. Each of these is simply the name of the world they came from, one crafted in the hands of another Supreme Being. Will more worlds be swept into the WorldEmber? Time will tell what new wonders the fires will bring.

What has WorldEmber brought to Tikor?


New to the world of Tikor?

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This is such a good idea! I had a laugh during this and the way you worded it was amazing! Good article! Love it :D

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(who ratted me out?? With that I mean gave u my block link for my world ember diary :D)

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Oh my goodness, I love the styling of your site!   What will change in your writing behaviour after WorldEmber? Will you make a break and won't touch a keyboard for a week or will you strictly go on as you ended?

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