The Longest Night

As the Day of Reckoning sets, The Longest Night in Tikor begins

When a Day of Reckoning falls into The Longest Night, Tikor's largest battle to date ends with a mysterious explosion.


A full day cycle is longer on Tikor than on Earth. A full day is 38 hours. This conflict takes place during the Winter Solstice when the nights are especially long. During this point in the story, nightfall lasts for 26 hours.


Day of Reckoning

The day the Era ended is one that will be etched in the minds of generations to come. It started with the assassination of the deity, Mime, escalated into the attempted bombing of Ishward and ended with the destruction of The Eastern Node. As the sun began to set over The Isle, the horizon shimmered as the entire might of The Republic of Vinyata surged forward. An army of half a million distraught The Dracon sped their way up through the neutral country toward their eternal nemesis, Garuda. During the Day of Reckoning, The Council of Syujin had already begun to call in their top officers and units, a preventive measure in case a large-scale attack was needed. After the bombs fell in Vinyata, their forces were already being deployed to launch an offensive on Garuda .


The Forest Burns

The Isle Militia didn't attempt to stop the Vinyatian army as they marched past. By this point, the world knew about the tragedy at The Eastern Node, and they knew all to well that nothing could stop the longtime rivals at this point. For the desert soldiers, there was no stopping for anyone or anything, millions of lives had been lost and revenge was the only thing that was going to sate them. As soon as the army approached the border to Garuda, it was an all out assault before they even hit the border gates. They took no survivors, slaying any Garuda border soldiers on sight, and destroying the encampments. Vinyata knew well the love the north had for their forest and so, with great pleasure, they began to lay flame to every piece of green they saw.


March toward Zencora Villa

The goal of the Vinyata army was to reach the capital of Garuda and end their millennia of strife once and for all. The The Council of Syujin had decided that it was the time for final solutions, for the time for talk was long over. Garuda was too large of a land to conquer, the terrain was varied enough that not even The Divine Order of the Phoenix controlled all of it. The Vinyantian army, dubbed Masangi's Blade, moved at a frightening pace through the southern forest. It took hours for Garuda to start to assemble forces as the speed of the southern advance caught the Order off guard. They had failed to uncover that Vinyata soldiers are all taught forest combat for preparation of when such a day would come. Masangi's Blade continued to burn and destroy villages, trees, anything was open to them. Their goal was the total destruction of all they touched, they were there to leave a permanent mark on Garuda, just as had been done to them. Chants of "Eastern Node" could be heard after every piece of destruction.

Capital Siege

Within a few hours, the allied Vinyata forces had arrived just a few miles outside of the capital. The force of the wedge-shaped army was slightly slowed down by the increased resistance around the Zencora Villa. The forest fires had inadvertently served as an early alarm system for local towns and villagers. As news of the invasion quickly spread, small pockets of the local militia would engage the Vinyatian army in equal amounts bravery and foolhardiness. Grossly outnumbered, and outgunned, most of the simple villagers served as nothing more than a speedbump. Though in that duty, they succeeded, as the steady stream of panicked villagers in all directions slowed down the advance.

The Foward General, Seiryu, The Azure Dragon, became less convinced of their timetable as the suicide skirmishes continued. The ancient general was well aware of the sheer number of citizens living throughout the forest region, and it was only a matter of time before their position was surrounded. In what was at the time an unpopular decision, the general forced the army to begin to pull back and shore up their southern flank. Retreating when their prize was right in front of their eyes.


Counter Attack

The fractured armies of Garuda begin to encircle Zencora Villa and launch their counter-attack on the invading Vinyata forces. However as they began to get closer to the capital, they realized that the Vinyata army had already pulled back under the cover of the dark night. The Divine Order of the Phoenix elite units chased after the retreating army, unaware of the strategic retreat. Thinking they were pushing the fleeing army back to The Isle, they realized too late that it was a rouse. The contingent sent toward the capital was not actually the full might of the south. The rest were waiting on The Isle to do battle in what would be their final engagement.

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Battle of the Isle

The fated conclusion to The Longest Night took place in the middle of The Isle. The battle spread through open plains and spilled into the urban environment around them. While Masangi's Blade had intended to take the capital, Genbu, The Black Tortoise had preached caution and held some of the forces back. When the allied forces returned with the Garudian army on their heels, the Pillar of Wisdom was not surprised. With the Vinyatian forces combined now, the biggest battle in Tikor history began. There was little in the way of complex strategy as the sheer number of fighters involved caused several different areas of battle. As the night drew on, reinforcements from both sides continued to pour in from their respective directions. The battle seemed to have no end in sight with each side fighting with a ferocity rarely seen.



The finale to the battle happened in the last hours of twilight. By this time in the night, both Garuda and Vinyata had basically committed the entirety of their fighting forces to the battle. It was clear that the winner of this war would take it all, and both sides fought as if their very existence was at stake. In some ways, it truly may have been. The exact details of what happened next are still unclear to this day, but survivors all agree on what they did see. A soundless shockwave rippled across the battlefield and the sky illuminated with what could only be described as fluorescent white, a blinding ethereal light. There was a pause then the steady sound of clangs and clinks, almost like rain falling down but metallic in nature.

It took the survivors a minute to realize that the sound was not rain, but the sound of metal falling. The battlefield was desolate, with the ground littered with corpses and only a few lone survivors remained. They stood there confused as the sounds of swords falling around them echoed out, the victims of the unknown explosion disintegrated. Their clothes flurting in the wind as the weapons, now devoid of a handler, fell to the ground.


Uneasy Treaty

If it wasn't for the sheer number of casualties, each side would have blamed the other for the mysterious explosion. However, with both Garuda and Vinyata losing over 60% of their forces to the explosion itself, it didn't make sense for it to have been them. As reports came in after the two sides limped away from The Isle, it became more clear that something else was going on. The Order of the Phoenix received news that the assassin was merely impersonating a Vinyatian special ops team, as the south had said repeatedly. The Council of Syujin learned that their defense grid had been tampered with from the inside. As third-party sources chimed in there was no more room for doubt, another player was involved. At the urging of the world's nations, in High Perch, Hawklore, the One Tikor Treaty was signed, putting an end to the long-standing aggression between the two great nations.


The Sound of Swordsfall

The source of the explosion has still yet to be uncovered. The best minds across the world have all studied the surrounding area, but no one has been able to offer up a solid theory. The Genesis Explosion, as they refer to it, killed at least 400,000 soldiers and 50,000 other Isle bystanders. The exact number could be higher, but the nature of the incident makes it hard to ascertain. Within no remains to work off of, it often feels like guesswork rather than science to some. Most of the survivors were on the outskirts of the main theatre of battle, though there are a few from Ground Zero. Why they lived and the rest die is a mystery, and some of them faced undue scrutiny due to it.

While the area itself wasn't scarred, the Ground Zero remains a defacto forbidden zone. Locals say that at night, every once in a while, you can hear the distant sound of metal falling. The telltale sound of thousands of weapons falling to the ground. The sound has garnered its own nickname, Swordsfall. The haunting reminder of the thousands that lost their lives for still unknown reasons.

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The Conflict


The destruction of the Eastern Node and attempted bombing of Ishgard during the Day of Reckoning have pushed Vinyata to the edge.


From the southern border of Garuda up to Zencora Villa in central Garuda and back down to The Isle. On The Isle part of the war, battle spilled into urban areas as well.


The Genesis Explosion leaves both Garuda and Vinyata in dire straits. Having committed the near full might of their armies, both sides are forced to draw back into their borders. The two great nations have just enough troops to secure their borders and most important cities.   In the short term recruitment is at an all-time high. However, given what happened during The Longest Night, there are fewer than normal applicants.


The Longest Night brought to a close the bloodiest cycle of fighting in Tikor's history. Entire generations of families were wiped out before the night was over. While tensions between the two sides have been ripe for as long as memory serves, this sense of wholesale slaughter brought a collective gasp around the world.

The Isle would fully declare its independence from all conflicts, big or small. The top lawmakers began to discuss the need to improve their own standing army in the face of The Longest Night.

Ultimately the turmoil that resulted from The Day of Reckoning and The Longest Night led to an end of the Era and a reset of the calendar. As scholars realized that the deities themselves were mortal, the Divine Age was over, and Age of Reckoning was here.

The Longest Night Big Portrait
by Grezgorz Rutkowski

Battle on The Isle

Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
2,000 D.A
Ending Date
1 A.R
Conflict Result
A weapon deployed by an unknown third faction decimate both the Garudian and Vinyatian armies.
The Isle



1,000,000 Soldiers
275,000 Horses
50,000 Light Armors
5 Artillery Pieces
1 Zephyer 3000
500,000 Soldiers
50,000 Horses
10,000 Riksaws
15 Artillery Pieces


  225,000 Soldiers Killed
85,000 Wounded
400,000 Missing  
110,000 Soldiers Killed
90,000 Wounded
200,000 Missing  


  • Push Vinyata out of the capital
  • Push Vinyata across The Isle
  • Invasion of Zencora Villa
  • Force the Surrender of The Order of the Phoenix


  • Map of Tikor

    The world map of Tikor

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Cover image: Fire by Kevin Hou


Author's Notes

This is the second half of the central battle that kicks off Swordsfall. The first half is The Day of Reckoning, which as of this moment I have not posted to World Anvil yet. That first half covers the catalyst that leads us here and includes The Assassination of Divinity Mime and The Bombing of The Eastern Node.

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