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The Goal

World Anvil is a huge and growing community, and also a great tool for publication. The goal of this Chapter is to aid and assist those Worldbuilders with the biggest challenge of them all. Publication. It's the golden dream of many of a writer, yet for others, it's a the endgoal of a long plan. Together we can help get us all there.


Membership is easy, be a World Anvil member! Then just message Tikal on Discord for an invite. In the message include your world or property along with your project status. Is it in the planning stages? Writing stages? Finished and waiting for that deal?



  1. This chapter is devoted to one, the publication of your work. Be it novels or a Tabletop Game. World Anvil is a huge place and not everyone has the same goals. In Chapters, however, we do. Keep conversation toward tips and tricks on getting published, contact discussion and anything else related.
  2. Participate in the conversation! Chapters are here for focused discussion, we can only have that when you engage.
  3. Don't be an Ass. You know what this means.

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